View Full Version : WAnk! You excited yet?????

18th Sep 2000, 07:24 PM

WAnk! One day left! Can ya feel the excitement?!??!? This time tomorrow you will be back at school, doing what all future leaders of this country should be doing. PLAYING UT WITH A SUB 100 PING!




18th Sep 2000, 07:51 PM
lol... i think he's making his way to school now....

18th Sep 2000, 08:20 PM
Don't use Wank and excited in one sentance! What the heck is the matter with you!

Now people will talk!


18th Sep 2000, 08:39 PM
Guess I'll go back to school so I can get a sub 100 ping again too!

18th Sep 2000, 08:44 PM
If they'd had Internet-wired dorms when I was in college, I would have *never* graduated :)

18th Sep 2000, 08:50 PM
yeah, when you said "wank are you excited yet?????"
i thought it had a different meaning then it did :D
come on give me a break im 15 and immature. and im also sure that lots of other people didnt get the meaning right off the bat either :) :p

18th Sep 2000, 08:50 PM
If I didn't hate school so much I would be majoring in majoring!! :D

18th Sep 2000, 10:03 PM
Hey same here (seeing as how I'm WAnk's roommate =)

I'M excited, dunno about him tho, he won't call me back ;)

18th Sep 2000, 10:28 PM
wow, i didnt you know you guys were room mates.
that must be a cool room :)

18th Sep 2000, 10:40 PM
hey spyder... long time no see... bet the both of you's and popo and monkeybot r itchin to for that phat t3 :D