View Full Version : Unreal 2 Engine Game;Serious Need Only Apply

17th Sep 2000, 01:51 AM
We are in development of a U2 engine Adventure/RPG. Right now we are in early development so if you are interested drop me a line. I can send you some concept art and game description in your email. We will wait until the new engine comes out for unreal 2 before we release, but right now we are getting the story and character lines down. We are also looking for a really good scripter to be with us all the way as this game will be rather intensive in that respect. So if you are serious and have any skills wich you think are valuable please drop me a line at matthest@home.com or ICQ me. NICK: SUNRISE
ICQ#: 53758530

PS- We are using this game as a way of showing off our talents to prospective employers. If you ever wanted a chance to show the gaming world who you are this is your chance!