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Chairman Mao
17th Sep 2000, 12:58 AM
My system and settings

P3 600E@630 mhz (105x6=630 mhz)
Asus v6800 DDR pure running Det.3 6.18 drivers@125/320 mhz
P3B-F mobo(latest bios)
256 mb pc100 ram
sb live x-gamer
UT patched to 4.20
1024x760x32 bits (medium world and skin details)
AGP aperture size set to 128 in the bios(64 didn't work)

UT runs well at these settings but when i try to increase the FSB to 110x6=660 mhz i get graphical glitches-the screen locks up and starts flashing-the only way out is to hit the ~ key and type quit and the game shuts down properly(can't see the console but it works).i had v-sync disabled in UT so i tried enabling it but that didn't help. my monitor refresh rate is set to 85 Hz.
all the 5.xx drivers i've used had the same problems.

I have UT installed on a second system with a Voodoo 3 3000 o/clocked to 180 mhz and a P3 450@558 mhz (124x4.5=558 mhz) and it's absolutely stable.

I don't think it's a temperature problem because i have the case open with a house fan blowing on the video card and CPU.

what settings am i missing?

17th Sep 2000, 11:03 PM
not really missing anything. sometimes processors just don't overclock. I know the 450s had a relatively high percentage of those that would overclock. I haven't heard of many sucess stories with P3/600s, although I have with Celeron 600s.

My only suggestions would be to compare the two systems and see what parts are different. Your memory (if its generic stuff) might also not like being clocked to 110 since it's only rated for 100.

I've got an Asus P2B which totally does not like being clocked higher than 112MHz. I know some of Asus' newer boards are overclocker-friendly, but their older ones were a bit harder to get to work.

There's lots more possibilities that I'm sure I'd never even consider, but overclocking is never a guaranteed thing - you might have just gotten a P3 that likes its default speed.

Chairman Mao
19th Sep 2000, 03:00 PM
i am using generic ram but i also borrowed a stick of pc133 with the same results. i believe the problem is with the mobo because when i had my P3 450 installed in the P3B-F windows would refuse to load at 112x4.5= 504mhz whereas the exact same cpu is stable at 124x4.5=558 mhz on a different mobo.

28th Sep 2000, 12:53 AM
This may seem silly but have you tried OCing to 133mhz? What seems to be happening is your running your AGP bus out of spec and your video card doesnt like it but if you can get the computer to work at 133fsb then the AGP will revert back to spec because the motherboard will use 1/2 divider instead of 3/4 .

Because Voodoo cards traditionally tolerate running out of spec better thats why it will work.

I cant remember offhand , does the P3B-F use the BX chipset? If so then even setting the FSB to 133 wont work because the BX doesnt have the 1/2 divider necessary and you might consider replacing the motherboard with one of the new 815 chipset versions or a Via alternative if money is an Issue. You won't actually have to set the FSB all the way to 133, 124 should force the divider to 1/2 but then your AGP will be running a little slow (which isn't usually a problem at all).

Hope you sort it out, BTW the 600e has a good chance of making 133/800 with the right Motherboard.

Chairman Mao
28th Sep 2000, 02:44 PM
yes the P3B-F is a bx board. i will probably wait till the P1V comes out and decide if i want to go that route or stay with the P111, they should be really cheap by then.