View Full Version : Can I make a .mp3 into UT Music?

24th Jan 2000, 05:21 PM
I read the stuff posted about making a mp3 into umx, but can you do it to a uax? Is there any program to make mp3s into that tracker deal so you can import it?


24th Jan 2000, 09:10 PM
Yes it is possible to force an mp3 into a umx or uax. However as was talked about earlier, since an mp3 is the entire music piece, you would end up having to extract the mp3 to a .wav file (that's going to be huge *shiver*) and then you would import the entire wave into the tracker as an instrument and then track the instrument to play one note that is sustained the length of the entire song.

Now here's the really nasty part. Tracked music doesn't compress the .wav at all, or if it does the compression is nowhere near what an mp3 is going to get you. So that 1.2 MB mp3 that you want to use in UT would end up being something on the order of 40 or 50 MB for the tracked piece, all of that being pretty much the .wav.

24th Jan 2000, 10:10 PM
Wow, Tykeal, you remember all that? I'm impressed. I forgot all of it the second I started reading the next post. 1 slip up though. He's talking about the .uax file not .umx. The difference is .uax is audio while the other is music.

Sidenote: See a trend here kids?
UMX=Unreal Music eXtension
UAX=Unreal Audio eXtension
UTX=Unreal Texture eXtension
Good, next lession!

So what he needs to do is convert the mp3 to a wav file. After that my brain turns to jelly and I become lost.

24th Jan 2000, 10:25 PM
Well, damn, shouldn't they make it easier?


25th Jan 2000, 11:13 AM
Heh, remembering all that is the easy part. I've been following the mod / demo scene off and on for years and as far as I'm concerned some of the best music available for digital playback are still in mods /~unreal/ubb/html/wink.gif

As for the UAX vs UMX stuff. UAX is pretty much just a straight wav file (at least that's what my little bit of research has shown me). It would probably be easier to do the UAX since all you would have to do is import the wav, but as I already mentioned a wav of a mp3 is some 40 - 50 MB if the mp3 was of any decent quality and anywhere from 2 to 3 minutes long. I should know, I've ripped many a CD track to wav and then encoded them. Those things are *HUGE*.

I've just come to the conclussion that if people want new music for Unreal / UT either they need to learn to track, or they convice a mod artist to track them something /~unreal/ubb/html/wink.gif

25th Jan 2000, 01:53 PM
I've done my fair share of CD ripping and all so it seems that I won't be making a song for my new map, and man, I wanted it so bad.


The Hash Weasel
26th Jan 2000, 01:23 AM
I got one thing to say about trying to make Mp3's/Wav's into .UMX's...
I've posted on other forums about it.I've tried many times.The files for a decent quality 2-3min. song are around 30-50Megs.
I used mod plug tracker to change the song to .IT.Then converted it in UTE into a .UMX.
it takes a few minutes to load up the music in the editor.and same with when the level loads to play it.It's just too big and NOT WORTH IT!!!
Course,this is my experience with it.If you can do it,and have decent loading time,and a decent song,by all means,do it man!
But to any one who thinks they should add there own music to the game,but is'nt willing to fiddle with the file for freakin ever,and sit for a long time to wait for it to load,and then get dissappointing results,just stay outta the whole mess!!!!

Hey relax,guy!

26th Jan 2000, 02:53 PM
I've always made it up in my mind that I'm not going to try. /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif