View Full Version : Lag out of every server within 1 minute :-(

6th Sep 2000, 07:45 PM
Please help!
I just got UT and my internet working on my new system.. so I try playing a game online but on each server I join (even if it pings <100) I lag out real bad.. getting ping ~3000 and pl ~20%... then I completely disconect and get the boot from the server. What in the world could cause this? I'm on a LAN at a college campus and on my other computer I would get nice and completely playable pings all the time. Any ideas what the problem could be?

My system:
Athlon 800 thunder
Abit kt7 mb
256mb pc133 ram
ELSA Gladiac GeForce2 GTS 32mb
win98 se
UT ver 425