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4th Sep 2000, 04:23 PM
OK here's my problem: Whenever I click the icon to start UT my comp brings up an illegal operation screen (damn illegal operations!). Has this ever happened to anyone else before? I had this computer guy come over and he tried a bunch of stuff, but he couldn't figure out what to do. He told me that I should try to delete all of my stuff from my comp and reinstall only the software that came with it. I don't want to do that cause it would take me days and days to get all the stuff back that I've downloaded from the internet. And even if I did this do you think that I would get to play anyways? I have been making a bunch of sweet levels lately cause I can't play the game, but it would be nice if I could test them out once in a while if you know what I mean. This is the comp that I play my game on: (please don't laugh- it makes me cry:()

Hewlett Packard Pavilion
Graphics=Intel Graphics Chipset 810 Series-the most recent
Sound=Crystal Sound
Yeah it sucks but any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Also did all you guys get a manual with your game? My friend did but, I didn't. Does anyone know who I might e-mail ti get one? Thanks Again!

4th Sep 2000, 04:49 PM
hey, I don't know much about standard off the shelf systems, but I think you may be having these prob's because of the integrated vid/sound card? I guess you're using D3D? Your system otherwise would be enough to run the game, have you tried re-installing it?

I would just *bump* the thread every few days if you can't get any real help.

4th Sep 2000, 04:54 PM
Delete / re-install UT is never a bad thing

4th Sep 2000, 05:05 PM
Yeah, I can't play UT anymore either.... oh wait...you mean you have technical difficulties\


4th Sep 2000, 05:19 PM
I guess that I forgot to tell you what I have already done. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. That's bout it beside of the guy cumin over. Keep thinkin you game playing nerds. Ohh did I say nerd I mean ohh god of all things coo.:):):):):)

4th Sep 2000, 05:26 PM
Amigo, post the COMPLETE error message, including any code numbers or addresses that are spewed out - and the text in the TITLE BAR of the message box. It'll help any IT nerds (like me) to get a handle on your problem.

4th Sep 2000, 05:29 PM
umm,, ut wont run so hot anyway with 64 megs of ram

4th Sep 2000, 07:47 PM
This is what it said in the details part:
UNREALTOURNAMENT caused an exception 01H in module <unknown> at 0000:0042d3bc.
EAX=00000000 CS=0028 EIP=0042d3bc EFLGS=00000297
EBX=0042d3b1 SS=016f ESP=0067d9bc EBP=0067da08
ECX=0067da30 DS=016f ESI=c0001350 FS=2a0f
EDX=cf6d7500 ES=016f EDI=000000cf GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
89 45 e8 eb 06 8b 45 e8 0f 23 d0 0f 01 4d ec 8b
Stack dump:
00400000 bffa084d 0067da08 0067d9dc 00000001 cf6d7500 0067da30 00001010 00400000 bffa084d 00000001 00001010 00000167 00000000 300002ff 0000800a
Hope this helps you with your pimpin!
P.S. Thanks a bundle!

4th Sep 2000, 08:33 PM
1) Open case
2) Take out processor and RAM (if the RAM isn't proprietary too)
3) Take out drives and cables
4) Throw case, mobo included, in trash, go get a new mobo and case for about 100 bucks, Voodoo 3000 for about 70 bucks, and SoundBlaster PCI 512 for about 50 bucks, put stuff you took out back in new case along with new vid card and sound card, format HD, reinstall Windoze.

For about 200 bucks all your problems solved.


4th Sep 2000, 08:41 PM
someone may come up with a better solution, but i'd say this could work.

yeah, it's a pain in the ass. backup everything you can that you downloaded off the net. do you have a zip drive or a CD-RW? if so you could always put file on a zip disk or write a CD with the downloaded stuff (yeah, costs money to waste a cd like that, but it could be worse).
do you think you could upload your files onto someone else's computer? if so that could work too.

5th Sep 2000, 12:26 AM
Or, what I do, is create a 1 to 3 gig partition and put your download directory there. I have a 1.5 gig partition on this drive that has nothing but a download directory and the Win98 CD. Therefore, if I go overclock nuts and crap my system out (again, like so many times before), I just wipe the primary partition and reinstall Windows, then restore the apps from the download directory on the partition.

If you use Netscape, you can even backup all your mails and bookmarks that way. Copy your users directory over to the partition, and after you reinstall Windoze, then copy the users directory back over, and everything will be there again.


5th Sep 2000, 04:11 AM
Dragon Ash:

(please don't laugh- it makes me cry)

I know you weren't literally laughing, but I think he meant any form of saying his computer wasn't good.

Anyway, there's nothing in the manual that isn't obvious. Contents are:

System Requirements
Game Objective
Quick Start
Keyboard Commands
Menus: Quick Reference
Menus: Full Description
Other Items
Team Commands/Taunts
Game Tips (all obvious)
Advanced Techniques (sprees, multi kills and headshots)
Tenchnical Support

Have you ever managed to get UT to work? Anyway, you can work all this out by just exploring the menus, playing the tutorial maps in the Single Player Tournament, and just playing the game. It's all obvious stuff.

5th Sep 2000, 05:29 AM

i only have 62 megs(2meg shared for video) and my ut runs just fine

as for littlelooch's problem make sure you have the most recent patch that may help and you could always try to play in "safe mode"

you could also go into your directx folder(probably c:\program files\directx\setup\) and run DXDiag.exe it will tell you if your stuff is directx compatable i was haveing a direct draw problem that was causeing outlook express to crash after i have been playing ut

btw whats a looch :)

5th Sep 2000, 10:53 AM
My guess is the videocard. You can get a 3dfx Doodoo 3 3000 for about $85. UT runs great on the Voodoo card.

Try running in safemode. You can run it with various things turned down, or off, and if you only get the error when you have something specific going, you may start to narrow down whatever the problem is.

5th Sep 2000, 10:53 AM
In case you do decide to format, may I suggest a way of backing up data? Go to a computer store. Ask a salesman to make sure they issue a full refund for all hardware. Buy a hard drive. Install it. Put your stuff there. Format the other drive. Install Windows on it. Place the stuff back. Go back to the store and return the hard drive.

BTW: will UT run OK on a box with 96MB of ram? card is voodoo3 3000, cpu-500mhz cely