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1st Sep 2000, 11:38 PM
Here's what it says:
History: A3D_UpdateSource<-StartSample<-UpdateSounds<-UGalaxyAudioSubsystems::Update<-UGameEngine::Draw<-UWindowsViewport::Repaint<-UWindowsClient::Tick<-ClientTick<-UGameEngine::Tick<-UpdateWorld<-MainLoop

This happens at anytime in the middle of a match (2 minutes playing UT or 2 hours). Here is my system:
PIII-500 Midwest Micro
20 GB Western Digital 5400rpm HD
ATI Rage Fury 128 AGP>>problem may only occur with this card
Voodoo 2 PCI
Soundblaster LIVE 256(updated to 512 voices & Liveware 3.0)
Monsoon MM-1000 Speakers
Gigabyte GA-6BXC BX Slot 1 Motherboard
Nothing overclocked

I have latest drivers for all except BIOS (may try this if necessary). Am using 420 patch. Have approx. 320 maps, 25 new skins, 25 new voices in my UT directory (this may be too many voices, but don't think so, unless one or two voices a problem, this doesn't seem the problem either). No mods except those included with either Bonus or Inoxx pack. Have checked UT forums back to March 2000 and some ideas, but some have different systems and problem not pinpointed. Shutting off 3D Hardware Sound makes sounds not right.

The suggestions found in forums are:
- try latest d3d_06/d3ddrv.dll file
- try latest rundll32.exe file
- ATI card is overheating (need another fan)
- AGP slot is not getting correct voltage
- change to 44,100 Hz sample, 32 voice maximums (may try this first)

I have tried a few minor things and nothing worked.

Does anyone know what sound settings are supposed to be set to in UT for basic vs. maxed out sound features?

Cydronate and mason188 (any answers to your questions from May 2000 posts?)

Will the new 430 patch help and does it solve the problems with the 425 and 428 patches?

Any answers to any of the questions in this thread would be greatly appreciated. This has been driving me crazy!
Thank you.

2nd Sep 2000, 10:28 AM
This all happens in Single Player Tournament Practice Mode.
Thank you.

12th Sep 2000, 10:38 PM
OK, problem occurs with Voodoo2 card also. I only have one fan blowing out on this system from the power supply (200v not enough ?). I am thinking of getting another 4-in. fan blowing in below this and an ISA exhaust fan (of course, also a 300v power supply before I do this). Will this help?

Why, if this IS an overheating problem, do I get a sound error message?

Thank you.


27th Sep 2000, 08:35 PM
OK, no one's replying. I guess just bad timing, because I just saw two threads that could be some help. Anyway, overheating is not my problem either. I now have three fans total (power supply, extra 4-in. fan and ISA slot exhaust fan). Still get lock up and same error message (it still says Galaxy and sound somewhere in the message although it can vary slightly). Anyone have any more ideas? I've already read (BA) Maverick's and kreepn's threads from the past 4-5 days. Thank you.


P.S. - should I even bother getting on-line, if I had to cheat to beat Xan?

5th Oct 2000, 12:58 PM
You know I had same problem (ive listed sys specs in other forums...Got sb live got lockups?)and I ended up removing my sound card and all drivers of course and installing my old turtle beach montego I think its called, its ISA. I have been running UT for 2 weeks w/o a single problem. I did however find another guy who had my exact same set-up, mobo and processor speed and all, and he had no probs w/ sb live. So I think that the sound card could be bad. I've always had a problem w/ games kickin me out to desktop since I built and installed this current system. But ever since I removed the sb live I have had no problems. Kind of weird, the card sounds good but causes game crashes. And I see others out there that have same sound card and are having timed errors 5-30 min in game, then there are plenty that have no problems. So it could be that we have run into a bad batch of sound cards. Could happen.

Good luck


11th Oct 2000, 08:55 PM
Thanks for the sound card info. I since have upgraded my system to 256 MB RAM, new Kenwood 72X CD-ROM, second 20.5 GB (7200 rpm) hard drive, those 2 extra fans I talked about, and some other minor stuff. UT was running great for about 1 week or so, then just 2 days ago I got another GPF-Galaxy sound error. But it is not happening as much as before.

Maybe the sound card is a little weird or bad, but I'm not replacing it just yet. It has never done this on any other games that I have (of course, still don't have Q3Arena). It's not bad enough to replace the card. I'll wait for the 2Gigahertz processors, etc. and build my own system then, and get the latest SoundBlaster for gamers out at the time, latest video card, etc.

I still think that it may be partially the sound card, but also lack of D3D support for UT and the Galaxy sound in the game also.

Thanks for your help.