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(BoD) nepenthe
24th Aug 2000, 03:32 AM
This is kinda OT (maybe). Kind of odd, too. Been wondering for a while.

Do any clans out there collect dues?

As in monthly dues, the way a local club might. A small bit of change from each member each week or month which goes toward maintaining the club itself, and handling the materials involved in the functioning of said club.

I realize it would be a more difficult proposition with most clans, as most are geographically separated. The clan I recently left functioned just fine thank you with free website-building materials, two excellent free after-hours servers, etc. However, i wouldn't have objected to some small dues each month or so for something extra.

[Dunno what that would be, the something extra, that's why I'm asking this sorta]

Just wondering if this is common practice (collecting dues) or if any clans at all do it. Do any LAN-based clans do this? (by LAN-based, I just mean guys who live within easy driving distance of each other so that they know each other in person and perhaps have LAN training).


Temporary Account
24th Aug 2000, 03:39 AM
Well...mine doesn't, and I honestly haven't heard of any that do (and I've looked a few clan pages.) Of course, we're fortunate enough that most of us are computer geeks, and know a lot of computer geeks, so we can get things like webhosting and whatnot for free. And anything we can't get for free, we can afford.

But I could see, not necessarily "dues", but maybe a collection, if something was needed. For example, if the domain needed to be (re)registered, or hosting needed to be paid for, I could see a clan collecting from its members. But this would only really happen if the clan really knew each other. I can't see some online entity recruiting a new member and actually expecting that new member to immediately trust them enough to give them money. :)

(BoD) nepenthe
24th Aug 2000, 04:04 AM

Btw, I went to the CMi site, looks good, and I really liked the linked essay on what it is to be a clanmember.

24th Aug 2000, 04:46 AM
I know my friend's TWCTF clan collected some money from each member to buy their domain name/webhosting for awhile. It was something like $10 per member. I personally wouldn't have a problem doing that, as long as I trusted the guy it was going to.

24th Aug 2000, 04:47 AM
I don't see no problem with clan dues...as long as the money is to benefit the clan. For example, if a clan member has a server and needs some new ram or upgrade, some of the clan money can help with the costs. Or, as we do in the military, we collect dues for birthday cards, items to show our appreciation and flowers for emergency situations that arise...deaths, sickness.... But, it's up to the whole clan to do this...