View Full Version : Persistent Inventory

15th Jan 2000, 08:52 PM
I am *TRYING* (sigh) to put together a mod that includes a particular persistent inventory object - in that, whatever status it had when the player dies, it will continue to have when the player respawns (so if it had a status of 89% on pawn death, it will have a status of 89% on re-spawning).

Right now I have a check that if the inventory object does not exist in the Pawn's inventory, it is created and inserted - problem is that it would appear that the object is destroyed when the pawn dies.

Is there a way to prevent the inventory object from being destroyed when the pawn dies and have it instantly reappear in inventory with it's status (this is the trick that is eluding me) retained when the pawn re-spawns?

thanx a mill!