View Full Version : Prophet 2 64Mb unreal tourny lock ups.

14th Aug 2000, 07:03 AM
I have a problem...lol
Ever since installing this card, when i try to start Unreal tournament it "hangs" right before the main menu, i just sit there with a blank screen... does anyone know how to fix this?????

14th Aug 2000, 07:26 AM
Look in the Trouble Shooting Forum...it seems that many are experiencing the same problems with this card and UT. Remember, UT was designed to primarily use Glide. nVidia cards were a second thought. Although drivers and patches improved D3D performance...they were based on the Geforce, TNT2 Ultra and TNT based cards. Apparently the new GTS cards are not working well with UT due to extreme differences in the chipset design. nVidia and Epic state they are working of new fixes and drivers.