View Full Version : anyone want too join my clan????

12th Aug 2000, 02:50 PM
Hello everybody!! Wanna join a clan?? I got one for you. Its a brand new one and lots of space. We just started it. The web page is not finished and there is no members yet except for me and my friend wich is the other bosses. The clan is not only for ut but for Quake 2. So, if you are interested or know anyone interested too join a clan in UT or Quake 2, pls tell him too go too the site :

http://www.thekfhclan.cjb.net The clan is [KFH] and if you want too see me, my name is [KFH-1]_M@dcow and i am a warcow with the voice of a Skaarj. The email addresses of me (for UT) and my friend (for Quake 2) are on the website. Alright thats it. Cya everybody. Consider my offer!!!!!