View Full Version : "shock horror"

11th Aug 2000, 03:22 AM
i can shock :shock: haha kool how do u do all the other ones like the rocket launcher and stuff please help

11th Aug 2000, 06:50 AM
Click on "View FAQ" at the top of this page and the follow a link that is called "smilies"!


11th Aug 2000, 07:35 AM
I'm here on PuF for only 2 weeks, but I saw this question already 10 times. But I don't blame you, cause it gives me the possibility to put lots of smilies in my post. I love these smilies.

11th Aug 2000, 07:42 AM
Wow, RizMan. 92 posts in 2 weeks! Do you also have a life? ;)

You can easily calculate when you reach Godlike. In...eh.....in...............don't know it.

11th Aug 2000, 09:19 AM
Well actually it's only 1 week. I checked it in the member list when exactly it was.
For more info check my 100th post thread in the off topic forum :) :)
I think godlike is 1000posts? That is going to be in 9 weeks with this postrate. Man, that's not soon enough. I've gotta do more Spam ;);)