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9th Aug 2000, 08:34 AM
Being the UT junkies you are.....
you may already know about this program.
Its a plug in that lets you play UMX files on your CPU with out being in UT.
just thought i would put this site out there for those who wanted to tinker with it.


heres a list....
Currently, the MODPlug Player supports the following file formats:

*.669: UNIS 669, 669 Composer modules.
*.AMF: Asylum / DSMI modules.
*.AMS: Velvet Studio AMS 1.x modules.
*.DBM: DigiBooster Pro modules.
*.DSM: DSIK internal format modules.
*.FAR: Farandole Composer modules (beta).
*.IT: Impulse Tracker modules.
*.MED: OctaMed modules.
*.MDL: DigiTracker 1.x modules.
*.MOD: ProTracker modules (4-32 channels, 15/31 samples).
*.MOL: Module lists, compatible with MOD4WIN.
*.MTM: MultiTracker modules.
*.NST: NoiseTracker modules.
*.OKT: OktaLyser modules.
*.PTM: PolyTracker modules.
*.S3M: ScreamTracker III modules.
*.STM: ScreamTracker II modules.
*.ULT: UltraTracker modules.
*.UMX: Music files from the game, "Unreal"&"Unreal Tournament".
*.WOW: Grave Composer modules.
*.XM: FastTracker modules.
*.WAV: Wave Files (smaller than 16MB).
All the above when zipped (*.MDZ, *.S3Z, *.XMZ, *.ITZ, *.ZIP).
All of the above then compressed with RAR (*.MDR, *.RAR)

hope this comes of use to some of you..