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3rd Aug 2000, 11:50 AM
Okay first off lot's of people ask what TWD stands for. It stands for The White Dragon. I've used it for a long time and have probly met at least 1,000 people with this name over battle.net where I led the very unsuccessfull clan KPK. Everyone said I was a good leader the problem was I didn't have very good followers. Anyways I got three questions
How do you guys add things like pictures or those little circle faces holding weapons?
When I try to minimize UT it the game crashes and it displays a message about a general protection fault. This is a annoying I want to chat in ut and post at the same time like everyone else.
2nd question. When I look for games to join the game will crash. This is very annoying. It does it at a differen't point every time. I have to join a good game as fast as possible so the game won't stall. This is extreemly annoying becase at that point NOTHING will work. The mouse won't move, when I press ctrl+alt+del the thing sometimes shows and sometimes it doesn't but the music starts to skip by playing the same 1 second over and over again. It appears that the box comes up but i can't see it. If I am able to get the box and end task to UT everything gets screwed. Sometimes that last second of music keeps going. That and or the graphics become darker the game goes slow and choppy and I it runs in a small window making it so I can minimize it. In order to play a game I have to restart the computer. Sometimes I end task the UT window stays for a while them leaves and everything is normal.

3rd Aug 2000, 12:17 PM
I am by no means an expert, but it sure would help to list your system specs. I think most problems are related to video cards or drivers. Also state what version of UT your running.(Which patch)

I used to have a similar problem switching from windowed to full screen. I'm not sure how it got fixed.

A couple of things worth mentioning.

How much ram do you have?

Are you running any anti-virus software?

Get everything possible out of the system tray.

Did you try re-installing UT?

3rd Aug 2000, 12:51 PM
Man, that's depressing :(

How much ram do you have?
Are you running any anti-virus software?
mcaffe anti virus
Get everything possible out of the system tray.
I tried reinstalling UT and i have 425 but i have always had this problem I've got windows 98 and my video card is a intel 810e chipset.
I also have a general protection fault when trying to import a texture in Ued

Sorry I forgot to put this stuff in

3rd Aug 2000, 06:02 PM
is your h/d full? maybe time for a de-frag, clean-up of your h/d. It could also be, as mentioned earlier, a driver issue. I've had that happen, actually only when I had IE 5.5 installed. I found that IE 5.5 screwed over my h/d swap file and was constantly screaming at me!

After reverting back to IE 5.01, my UT freezing, and game crashes have stopped. If all else fails, there's always

format c: /s :rl:

Damn I just love Windows!


Tetris L
3rd Aug 2000, 06:35 PM
First thing for the smilies and images look at the bottom of this screen there are two link called "smilies" and "vB code". You can also get there by clicking the 'faq' link at the top. Click them for an explanation. Second: Sorry, can't help with the crashing when minimizing. Third: When the screen freezes while pinging in the Ubrower, UT isn't really crashing; it is just asleep. Wait for a minute or so and it will come back to life. Sure it's a bug and sure it's annoying to wait for a minute, but it's still faster than rebooting. Fourth: When you write 'second question', it's already your third. ;) Fifth: Putting in a paragraph now and then makes your post easier to read. ;)

3rd Aug 2000, 07:23 PM
Even when the mouse doesn't move? Well thanks that waz confusing. BTW how long is a few minutes? Oh and sorry bout typos I'm just trying sooooo hard. My hard drive ain't full In fact It's not even close.
Oh and thanks for telling me how to do this :reedeemer:
and the other thing.

3rd Aug 2000, 07:25 PM
:redeemer: hmm why didn't it work