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1st Aug 2000, 11:57 AM
I know, not TOTALLY UT related but related as a whole to online gaming in its entirety.

A friend of mine has recently passed away in the LinksLS community and he had touched many lives with his attutude towards others and his outlook onlife. Ive posted this here as it will see many more players than the other area would. If you would "PLEASE" leave it here as these words are good for all to read, Id really appreciate it.

I know he starts off writing it from a LinksLS perspective, it applies to all gaming venues online.

Thx all,

Jon Land


It amazes me, that because a person can manipulate a digital image of a golf ball on a PC better than others, that they really think they are better than the next person. That rank makes them who they are. How pathetic. The attitudes of some players are gross, and only show how shallow they really are. When I walk out my front door into the real world, no one gives a damn what my rank is. Excuse me, but I would rather live in reality and just enjoy the game. If you look at the game in any other way, then your priorities are way out of whack.The behavior in chat is becoming a real problem. Some seem to lose their temper so easily, and it seems to me it's always the same players. I think if more folks would follow these simple words below, we'd all be better off.
These are the thoughts of some very wise and serene people. I was searching for some peace of mind, and these words have helped me in all walks of my life immensely. It was not easy. I had to retrain the way I thought about things, and for the most part, I have tried my best to follow these teachings.

First of all, if you don't know what your ego is, you'r probably wasting your time. Your ego is the part of you that feels insulted, frustrated, and miserable. It is the part of your thinking that is ruled by emotions. But that's the key here. It is YOU! You're thinking. You're WRONG thinking. Only you control your thoughts. If you are feeling upset, it is you that is allowing yourself to be upset. No one else can do that to you but YOU! If you allow your ego to rule your emotions, there is going to be chaos.

When you feel you are being treated unjustly, your ego wants to defend itself. That's its nature. But, what is it doing to you? The thing that is bothering you could care less. It has moved on and going its merry way, and not giving you the time of day. That moment in time has passed. You, by wasting your energy by still thinking and still giving thought to that negative thought, have given it power over you.


Realize what you are doing and just stop. It's that simple! You will realize this kind of thinking is wrong, and that you have a choice in how you can handle this situation. We choose our thoughts. We always have. You can be miserable or you can take control again instantly by thinking rationally about what you are doing or saying. Commonly, we will make things worse when our emotions are in chaos. We will calm down immediately when our rational thinking is restored.

Rational thinking is RIGHT thinking. Righteousness is Latin for right thinking. If you are thinking right, right things are going to happen. The only possible results from WRONG thinking are wrong results. When you think right, you are being a righteous person. Not a saint, but someone in control of your well being.

This correct way of thinking will affect you in all walks of your life, and you will find things changing for the better.

If this makes sense to you, please pass it on. It has literally changed the lives of many, many people I have known including myself. No one can do this all the time. It takes practice. But I can do it now 95% of the time. That's better than being miserable and upset at so many trivial things 95% of the time. :))

Let's try and do the right thing in chat and the way we handle ourselves. I would rather be respected, wrong or right, than make a fool of myself and get the reputation of being a jerk. There are a lot of ways to handle disputes other than being an ***.

I suggest you print this out and refer to it often at first. Take care of yourself.


1st Aug 2000, 12:38 PM
Very nice.

Thank you for posting that, SONICMAN2.
Pretty philosophical stuff. Reminds me of my days studying Plato's Republic and Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics at University of Dallas, in a way.

I think being a great player can actually HELP someone feel in control of a part of their life. I mean, you can be skinny and scrawny and not very popular at your school, but online it's all about how well you play and the quality of your ideas and how you present yourself. You have the chance to feel special and looks/physique/stature/skin color/etc. are no longer a barrier to being someone who is well-liked and trusted.

So no, no one in the real world may care that you were the MVP of some epic clan war 30 minutes ago and that for a while you were absolutely the most powerful soul you know, but you still care... You have something they can't touch and can't take away.

Abusing the fact that you are a great player and looked up to by letting the passions control the reason is where many fail. I know that's primarily what this piece is about. Good stuff.


1st Aug 2000, 12:52 PM

This one's not going anywhere. :D

1st Aug 2000, 07:51 PM