View Full Version : Unreal game playing way too fast

29th Jul 2000, 01:11 PM
Running Unreal on a PIII 500 mhz machine with 256K ram. Used to run fine with fairly smooth animation, now it is on "fast forward" mode....I can empty out a clip of the pulse gun in a second...when I walk I zoom to the other side of the room....I can't even go up an elevator because it goes up and down before I can get off! Not running a 3d card (using software). I've tried slowing the game speed down to 50%, but it's still way too fast. Even the intro zooms around the castle at dizzying speeds...like the game cannot synchronize itself to 'real time' and goes full blast. How can I fix this?



30th Jul 2000, 01:47 PM
try typing SLOMO 1 into the console. That is the default speed. The lower you go (0.5, ect..) the slower it gets. Trust me, this gets a lot slower than just moving the slidy bar by gamespeed.