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27th Jul 2000, 08:17 AM
"Your not a true gamer!"

Thats what I was told the other day, after killing the same guy a couple of times when he tried to make a grab for my flag on CTF-LavaGiant.

Not a true gamer! Yeah, I'm a false gamer, a fake gamer, some sort of pretendy gamer, coz I keep trying to stop the enemy from taking our flag.

I suppose it makes a change from the cliche camper flames. The guy did eventully call me a camper when I killed him after chasing from one side of the map to the other.

Seems you can be a camper for staying on the same map during a game now.

But this isn't another post about the ethics of camping. Its about all the people that go on line to play UT, and there just not having fun.

You must have seen the sort, they go into a rage if you kill them a few times. After that they starting flaming you and always go for the rocket launcher or redeemer and come looking for you, forgetting all about the CTF stuff, only wanting to kill you.

You can imagine them screaming at their monitor as they blast rocket after rocket after you. And if they dont kill you, they get even more enraged, sometimes you can even see them them jerking about just blasting wildly as if their hands are shakeing. And if they dont kill you, they`ll go and hide in a corner somewhere, and just post insults at you for the rest of the game.

I feel sorry for people like this. Playing games is about having fun, its suppose to relieve stress, not cause it.

So the next time your getting your backside kicked, and you feel yourself getting angry and stressed, remember, its just a game, please try to have fun.

27th Jul 2000, 08:27 AM
Great post!

Yes I agree wholeheartedly. I've come across many players of this particular species in my time. Can't get a frag? Why are you mad at me?

That "not a true gamer" thing is odd. Oh well.

I especially like when some player starts calling me a cheater. I just don't understand. I guess they have an inflated opinion of their abilities, they go on their favorite server where they came in first last week and I'm there and I must be cheating to win because they're just the best there is. Aaarrrghghhh.


27th Jul 2000, 08:48 AM
Hey Entropica{KS},

I've come across a few players, and I've thought, they must be cheating somehow! Like I fire a wall of rockets at them and they just keep comeing, or I'm sure I've hit them with a rocket like 5 times, but they just won't die! Or they seem to have eyes in the back of their head and I just can't hide from them. But I know that some are just such good players that they seem to have godlike abilities.

I guess its hard to accept that some folks can be THAT good, and so they must be cheating somehow.

But when I do come up against someone like this, it just makes it feel even better when I do get lucky and frag them.

27th Jul 2000, 08:56 AM
Zap I understand where you are coming from with the rockets thing. But, after playing UT since it came out, I learned you can run in between the rockets and not get hit. To many this looks like they cheated, but it's just the way the game was designed. You fire two or more rockets at a target and there is a large enough space between them for someone to slip through (unless you press primary and alt at the same time to group the rockets). I do this often, but I also get hammered often with rockets too:).

The thing about "eyes behind their heads". It's all about knowing the map and the hiding places. Take Lava, when I run to the other base, I know where people can hide. So, as I'm running (strafing) in one direction I quickly look at those areas. I also run backwards often to catch people hiding above entrances.

But all in all, UT is about having fun and many take this game too seriously:).

27th Jul 2000, 09:08 AM
Originally posted by Zap
"Your not a true gamer!"

Seems you can be a camper for staying on the same map during a game now.

*LOL* Thats rich! I like this kid already! *L*

Oh man, I was in a game on Face and i racked up 215 points.
The game was at least 45 min and my team was winning by 5.
I decided "why keep capping?" (I was the only one doing the work anyway). So I stayed on defense. I killed everyone like the little shock whore I am :) I sometimes waited til lthey touched the flag so I can get extra points *L*

Then someone started spamming "Dragon Ash is a cheater. There is no way anyone can get that score!"
"Look at his score, he is cheating!"
*LOL* And boy did he spam this *L*

I simply thanked him for standing still for me while I completed my shock combo...repeatedly *L*

Not only that, but I was called a camper as well due to the fact that I was standing outside in FRONT of my base shock comboing people *L*

I betcha nobody thought of that unique hiding place ;p~~

27th Jul 2000, 09:11 AM
Hey Zap,

I know what you mean about seemingly invincible players! I know a couple personally. Random, you out there???? (Random from Zoob's World, hands down the best UT player I have ever seen... once got 50 frags with no deaths against some damn good players [clan members even], while I was second with 23 frags and like 12 deaths).

Two things.

1. Lag is a many headed beast. There are many varieties. Yay. There is ping spiking, either for you or your enemy. There is packet loss, either for you or your enemy. There is your enemy not receiving enough data from the server. There is your enemy not sending enough data to the server. There is you not receiving enough data from the server. There is you not sending enough data to the server.
Many times I think these impossible occurences can be traced straight to TCP/IP. Remember that when your enemy appears in front of you, it's just the server approximating his "real" position for your PC... that information has already had to travel all over the country and sometimes the world before it hit your PC. Some of it got lost along the way. And it took a little while to get there. A whole lot of things have to line up JUST right for you to get a 'close' approximation of the game world as it is right then. Now add in the fact that there are bullets flying from HIS gun, bullets flying from YOUR gun, and a heck of a lot of OTHER players from other distant parts of the world, and you can see that it's going to be a problem very often. Sheesh, it's amazing we can even play at all :)

2. Unless your enemy has a shield belt, there is no way for you to know how much health and armor he has. 199 health and 150 armor will take a while to wear down if you aren't getting direct hits. And the best of the best, like Random, tend to not ever LET you get a direct hit. There are tricks, even when a wall of rockets is coming right for you. As the attacker, the amount of knockback the enemy experiences can be a clue as to whether you actually got them or just did a tiny bit of splash damage.

I've noticed sometimes when several of the same players play a server for several matches in a row, they more or less start lining up in points according to how good they are. It's interesting how you can get a pretty clear picture of everyone's competence. I'll be coming in first on Deck16][ for experienced players only (that's the name of the server) for several matches, with the same guy in second and the same guy in last each time, then some new guy will come in for a couple and blow me away, but I'll still be second each time.


27th Jul 2000, 09:19 AM
To quote Hellz{FU}:
Thats how you can spot a newbie straight out of DM.. there is no camping in CTF you knuckle dragging momkey!

Ima{***}: YOU CAMPER!
Hellz{FU}: O okay.. I'll just leave the base open for you.
Ima{***): What?
Hellz{FU}: Stop by the base and I'll have the flag ready for you.. I even had it dry cleaned.
Ima{***}: ?
Hellz{FU}: What was I thinking?! I mean.. I was protecting this flag for no reason!!
Hellz{FU}: Please take this flag from me!! It reminds me of the horrible person I've become.
Ima{***}: You mean it?
Hellz{FU}: Sure I do

Frag A Whiner, Save a Server

hehe... I got into a debate the other day on a HSA server while playing instagib.. Guy was calling someone a camper (on lava). I told him... "it's not camping.. it's defense" then he went on this big speil about how he's been playing since the demo days (erm.. I have been playing since Doom) and all the good clans frown on it. I told him to name some.... I recognized ONE of them (FAT). I mentioned some clans I new of (HV, MMSS, |C|, EE, DFB, SYN etc)... "o they're nobody's" he says to me... LOL!!!!!

Hmm.. really? Nobody's? WOW!!!! :D:D:D:D

27th Jul 2000, 09:22 AM
DragonAsh, lol.

You remind me of my headmaster at skool.

I used to play Chess with him, and he was un-beatable. There was times when he would take my Queen, and then say things like, "Maybe I`ll let you take my Queen to keep things interesting."

When ever or I come up against players like you DragonAsh, I feel like a very small mouse in front of a very BIG cat.

27th Jul 2000, 09:28 AM
Zap: that's when ya gotta GROWL like a very BIG dog (please tell me someone else has seen that commercial!!) lol.

DragonAsh is a very good player. I have to thank the gods the few times I get a frag on him (it's happened, but not much). :D

27th Jul 2000, 10:15 AM
Growl like a big dog?

I have a key binded to "I'm sorry sir! Don't shoot!"

Never seems to work though.

27th Jul 2000, 10:37 AM
How can you be called a camper or lame for guarding your flag?

I was playing 1 on 1 on Darj16, playing very well. I think I had 3 caps to none. I figured I give this guy a break. I grabbed his flag, and waited at his base. He never showed up. So I told him "Hey, I'm at your base" He then proceeded to call me a camper. I explained that I'm giving him an advantage by battling at his base. If I win the battle, I have to go back to my base to get a cap. If he wins the battle, he gets an easy cap. Jeeesh!

27th Jul 2000, 11:02 AM
Don't forget about lag when you're talking about people who seem to survive a lot of direct rocked hits. Sometimes it will look like you hit them, or like the rocket passed through them, when you didn't.

I was in a game one time, where this one guy kept getting the redeemer, and that was where he got 90% of his kills. Needless to say he was in last place. Several times, he would see me, and fire his redeemer at a wall, assuming it would kill me and hopefully someone else would run by and die in the blast. Well, I just ducked behind a corner when I heard the sound of a jet. The rocket exploded, killing him and leaving me at full health. When he accused me of cheating, I decided to give him a tip, that redeemer blasts don't go through walls. He proceeded to have a cussing fit, saying that was bull$hit, I just laughed untill he finally left the server. I think people like this are funny... as long as they don't keep it up for too long.

27th Jul 2000, 12:01 PM
Originally posted by Zap
Hey Entropica{KS},

I've come across a few players, and I've thought, they must be cheating somehow! Like I fire a wall of rockets at them and they just keep comeing, or I'm sure I've hit them with a rocket like 5 times, but they just won't die!

Yep, I come across players like this from time to time ... and then I realize they're on my team ... oooops!! :)

In fact, I once spotted a guy feigning death with the shield belt (of course that's as clear as day to spot). I was so in awe of his stupidity and so determined to kill him that I completely missed the fact that he was on my team. I felt kind of dumb, but then again, he should've felt pretty dumb himself :)

27th Jul 2000, 12:08 PM
I do that when I'm talking or AFK.. sometimes life calls and you can't avoid it (like when you're 18 month old son decides to pull down your CD/DVD/VHS collection).

27th Jul 2000, 06:34 PM
I can't wait until someone accuses me of cheating. For some reason that would seem like the ultimate compliment.

27th Jul 2000, 08:18 PM
Just yesterday I was told to leave the infogrames OFFICIAL server, coz I got a nice ping to it and was scoring well.....:( . I mean bought this game, and I have the right to at least play on the official server. I guess some ppl r just dumba**sess..:(

27th Jul 2000, 08:22 PM
I was playing a match last night before I went to good ol beddy bye...and I kick this guys *** 30-0...in some level called the something pit (forgot)...first he say's i suck cause i was talking to somone in IRC and he fragged me a few times...then i started playing...near the end of the match I already had 30 but he still had 3...so i kept jumpin around him not firing...and LOL her killed himself 3 times by shootin rockets or flak in a wall. He then had the nerve to say I was cheating...because he killed himself...he said i "forced" him in to the wall. I was like buddie there is tons of space opposite of that wall...maybe you should try going towards it :)


28th Jul 2000, 09:41 PM
Goshen, I agree. Being accused of cheating really is quite a compliment. It has not happened to me in UT (not surprisingly), but I was accused a couple of times in Descent 1/2 (my previous stress outlet :)).

29th Jul 2000, 05:57 AM
Yes Schief. Cheater is not a position that we can ALL achieve... I may never be a cheater, but I swear everyone that plays me HAS to be. ;)

29th Jul 2000, 08:38 AM
Originally posted by Alarion{FU}[PuF]
Zap: that's when ya gotta GROWL like a very BIG dog

Im a dragon! Duh! *LOL* ;p