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26th Jul 2000, 11:31 AM
Question A)
You've been running down the enemy flag carrier, you lose him, wind up in the enemys base(it's empty), one of your teammates already has the flag. What do you do?

1. Try to locate enemy flag carrier
2. Hang out at the base, wait for enemy flag carrier or enemy flag to show up.
3. None of the above (Something else, please specify)

Question B) (This question is really for HPB's)
You find yourself in battle with the Top Player on the enemy team. Ping 50-90, and he's got the power shield.
Do you...

1. Attack ferociously, attempt to a least cause some damage, and tie him up for awhile, and maybe get a lucky frag.

2. Break off the battle when the opportunity arises, and make a controlled retreat.

3. Attack sporadically, taking cover and retreating to save your a$$ when needed.

26th Jul 2000, 11:54 AM
Answer to Question 1:

3. None of the Above

- Well, actually, a combination of the above. Hang out around the general vicinity of their flagroom. Maybe wander further away at times, but as soon as your FC hollers "i need some backup" haul ares to THEIR flag area as there is a good chance your FC will drop the flag. And 99% of the flag runners out there head back to base as soon as their flag is dropped.

Answer to question 2:

- erm... well sometimes, the best way is to get a couple good shots in then turn tail and run PAST him.. let him continue going the way he was going then shock him from behind :D This won't always work as alot of players don't care and will try their best to finish you off no matter how fast you can retreat ( I tend to be like that )

26th Jul 2000, 12:47 PM
1.) I usually hang out at their base... I will wander off looking for the flag carrier with my flag if it takes him/her too long to return... If I hear a "I need some back up" from my team I usually head for the enemies flag location. Why? you ask... well I rarely get their in time to actually help...and I get most of my caps when the other team recaptures their flag and I immediately grab it... now their defense is out of alignment and they don't know which way I'm headed!

2.) I usually try to do some damage and at least try for the lucky frag... I don't play for NG stats so I don't care how many times I die... I just can't let their top player go running around the map all powered up!!! That's BAD team play in my opinion... On the few occassions that I'm the powered up LPB I know I get distracted by trying to frag everyone in my path... so I also try to distract others as well!


26th Jul 2000, 01:08 PM
Question A:

I think it depends on the level in most cases. If I'm on a level like "Face", where there is only one route to and from each base, then I would work my way back to my own base until I met up with the flag carrier, or where I could at least spot him so I could give my teamamtes a heads up to where's he/she's at. If it's a large, multi-path map, then usually I'll hang out in the enemy base (unless one of my teamamtes is already there), checking each entrance now and then looking for the flag carrier.

Question B:

Again...it depends :) If our flag has been taken, I'll usually avoid confrontations with anyone other then the flag carrier, especially if we don't have their flag. If there isn't a lot happening, usually I'll take them on, for no other reason then the fact that I like a good fight. Also, if we have their flag and I can see that he's heading in to try and get it back, you can bet I'll take him on then.


Sir McPimp[C1]
26th Jul 2000, 01:08 PM
1) Depends on if you are playing in a clan match or just FFA. In a clan match there is usually assigned roles for each player (offense,defense,etc) The guys on Offense should always stay with their FC and give him cover while the defense tries to get the flag returned. In ffa Ill just hang back in their base, avoiding much conflict and wait to ambush their FC.

-Ive noticed a trick that works alot of times when I have the flag and Im waiting for my guys to get our flag back : I find a nice secure hiding spot and teleport so I drop the flag, this usually will draw their FC out into the open so my team can find him, though dont go too far or you might not be able to get the flag picked back up due to someone returning it or it being returned when it has ben sitting on the ground for too long.

2) If I am on offense Ill maybe take a couple of pot shots at him but Im not going to waste all MY armor fighting him since Ill need it to get the enemy's flag. If Im on Defense Ill take him out at all costs.

26th Jul 2000, 02:05 PM
I hang around in the base for a while. If the enemy carrier don't show up after a time, I now he/she is hiding somewhere. And problaly some of his teammates will show up to clean the base, so I go for hunting him.

If he is near our base, I fight him until I die, or he.
If he is near his base, I try to find some healthpack.

26th Jul 2000, 02:50 PM
You've been running down the enemy flag carrier, you lose him, wind up in the enemys base(it's empty), one of your teammates already has the flag. What do you do?

The answer is simple.
* Remove ALL RESOURCES from the enemy base: Amp, Armor, Weapons, Ammo, Health
* Communicate with team
* Kill any responding enemy players

if you team loses the flag, take it, if not: repeate the above until your flag is returned.

NOTE: [C1] is dead and i am too lazy to re-register.

The Dopefish
26th Jul 2000, 02:55 PM
...then it must be the right thing to do! ;)

26th Jul 2000, 03:04 PM
hanging out in the enemys base is one of the best things you can do. they all respawn there its easy to keep a whole team at bay by spawn fraggin them(i didnt say it was fair. one of the worst things you can do wile attackin is kill enemy attackers that just strenthens there defence let your defenders do there job. as for defending defenders should try to stall enemy attackers (not just out right kill them and send them back to kill you attackers). as for carrying the flag hideing is bad running is good fighting is bad(dont run from a guy with a sniper rifle). best thing you can do is watch what other people do and find something to counter it. like some people always take the same path and do the same stuff every time makes them easy targets even if there better then you(just have 6 rockets waiting for them).

i may not be the best but im damn good for a 24k connection and 20 fps :)

26th Jul 2000, 03:07 PM
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