View Full Version : Triggerlights and Coronas

20th Dec 1999, 10:46 PM
When I use a triggerlight to have a light go out I notice some odd behaviour:

1) the light and corona disappear
2) I walk around a corner and come back and even though the light is still gone, the corona has returned!

What's with that? If anyone has any ideas on how to halt this behaviour, or can point me toward a lighting FAQ that contains this info I would appreciate it. thanks!


20th Dec 1999, 11:03 PM
weird, I honestly can say I've never seen that happen before.


21st Dec 1999, 02:36 AM
Hmmm...I've never seen that b4 either. I could suggest a complicated workaround for it though:
Make an invisible 'attach mover' and attach the light to this (give it the same tag as the attach mover's 'attach tag'). Have whatever triggered the light in the first place now trigger the mover, the second keyframe should recind the light back into the wall or whatever.
Ok this might eat up a little more cpu time , and more importantly Your Time - but it works.