View Full Version : how do I install UMOD files?

20th Dec 1999, 07:49 AM
when I doubleclick an .umod file windows opens the window where I can choose from wich program to open this file with.
I remember in Unreal I only doubleclicked the .umod file and the file would install, how do I do in UT?

20th Dec 1999, 02:06 PM
i've installed two mutators already and they both just had to be double clicked. you might be able to find some help on the unreal tech site. theres a mod authoring doc there that may have some info.

20th Dec 1999, 11:15 PM
That's happened to me each time I've tried. I believe I opened Windows Explorer, found the file, right-clicked and choose the Install. I dunno if that will work, but I think that's how i did it.

Or I ran it after unzipping it, using WinZip.