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-SC- Firestorm
19th Dec 1999, 01:48 PM
Right.. im making a level called DM-Abyss and its looking pretty cool (although I kinda overused the fog effect, it kinda gives the level it's 'charm').
and I am a bit of a newbie at level editing
Anyways i was wondering if you guys could answer me a couple of questions..

1: How do I go about making the little screenshot that goes with the level (you know the one that appears when you click on the level in the menu). I think its to do with the 'MyLevel' texture set but I'm not sure.

2: How do I put music .umx on my level? Simply putting in a MusicEvent trigger and setting up its properties doesn't seem to work, and I think there is more to it than that.


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-{SC} Firestorm-

19th Dec 1999, 08:38 PM
Start up UT. Go into the preferences and disable the HUD. Start your map up with no bots.

Now in the game type in the console, "iamtheone" (minues the quotes)
Then type in "killall enforcer"

Ok, no gun now. Clean screenshot. Now just find a nice place in your map where a screenshot would either show it off or would show a good view of all of it.

Then take a program like Jasc's Paint Shop Pro and shrink it down. Then take a 256x256 portion of it and save it as an 8bit color bmp file. This I'll do if you send the picture to etherealhc@aol.com

Now you go into UnrealEd and open your map. Choose Textures in the Browser. Then click on Import. Change the Name to Screenshot. Change the Package to MyLevel. Don't save the texture package.

Press F6 to open the Level Properties. Expand the LevelInfo section. Select you're Screenshot in the Browser. Then click on the Screenshot section under LevelInfo and then click Use. Save the map, rebuild if you want and then exit UED.

Check it out and see if it works.

To put in music you open up the Level Properties=>Audio and use the music file there.

Sidenote: MusicEvents need to be triggered to be used in game.

-SC- Firestorm
20th Dec 1999, 02:18 PM
cheers for the info mate...
doh! i should have seen that music thing in the level properties.. must've missed it

oh yeah i've got Adobe Photoshop so i should be alright with shrinking the picture down..

thanx again

over and out...
-{SC} Firestorm-