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19th Dec 1999, 03:43 AM
OK recently I made a map in the Unreal editor that included monsters and weapons from the original Unreal. I started unreal with the added command line parameter "MAPNAME?game=unreali.coopgame" where MAPNAME was the name of the map I wanted it to run. It launched UT and that map and I was able to play UT with all of the Unreal weapons and monsters that were in my map. The next time I went to play UT I removed those extra command line parameters from my shortcut and launched the game. When the game started I found out that a few things were screwed up. First of all my player model and voice were different (not a big problem) , screen flashing and a couple of other options I had not had selected were turned on...(no big deal either) but the big problem is that under weapons options I don't see all of the weapons available anymore. Which means I cannot specify my weapon priority. At first it was the rocket launcher that did not appear. Then I went into a practice level and picked up the rocket launcher. Then the rocket launcher appeared under weapons options but then the flak cannon did not. It does the same thing with the shock rifle which seems to alternate with the pulse gun or some other. This is really screwed up and I should just reinstall your saying..i know. But it took me a while to setup all my options the way i like them and to setup the unreal editor properly. I wish there was some way I could fix this. I'm thinking maybe UT still thinks Unreal is somehow the default game or is using some of Unreal's options. Maybe unreal has fewer weapons and thats why I can only see a certain number of the UT weapons now. I don't know. By the way, when I used that command line parameter and launched the game...the game interface...menus and everything looked just like the original unreal even though I don't have it installed on my system. But when I removed the command line parameters and launched normally it looked like the normal UT interface again. I've alrady tried replacing the unrealtournament.ini file with the default.ini but no luck...I'm stuck...I would really hate to have to uninstall then reinstall...any help anyone might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

19th Dec 1999, 08:41 PM
You gotta remember that technically UT is an Unreal mod. Everything that was Unreal is still there (minus the SP maps). So anytime you add in anything from Unreal you're going to screw up UT in the process.

Lesson for today? Don't mix and match games thinking it will get you far.

19th Dec 1999, 08:46 PM
thanks wanderer...i feel alot better now. Can anyone offer me any other suggestions?

19th Dec 1999, 10:57 PM
Yeah, break up your posts, it hurt my head just reading it...


19th Dec 1999, 11:11 PM
why jenkins? just so it will be more visually pleasant? I could not break it up into paragraphs because the entire post dealt with only 1 subject. Should I just randomly insert line breaks every ten lines or so?