View Full Version : UnrealED questions

19th Dec 1999, 03:52 AM
I have a question, if I use a make a map using UnrealED (the one that came in Unreal 1), will my map work with Unreal Tournament? If so, when I run my map in Unreal and Unreal Tournament, there will be no conflicts or anything between Unreal 1 and UT?

Also, the UnrealED that came with Unreal 1, can i use that to make maps for Unreal Tournament maps?

19th Dec 1999, 08:47 PM
Any map you make for Unreal's DM will work in UT. It's just that when you run it in UT you'll be putting into memory a lot of the Unreal stuff as well, like any of the weapons.

So essentially you can make a map in Unreal. Use all of the original textures, place all of the weapons and pathnode and what not and it'll work in UT. But the players will like you more if you take all of the Unreal weapons and replace them with the UT weapons (great use for the "Replace selected non-brush actors" button)