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20th Jul 2000, 06:56 PM
I will probably get crushed for this topic but man do stink
I have had this game for 2 days and for some reason can't get my logitech wingman to work right and I hate using my mouse and keyboard.
what do you guys prefer?
And where can I go to learn about this game and how to play so I don't die every 30 seconds!:(
I will do some reading on this board but want some newbie suk info

20th Jul 2000, 07:07 PM
the best thing to do is practice. when i first got the game i couldn't even run and mouselook at the same time. it's just a matter of getting used to the controls and feel of the game. a few days isn't really long enough to acquaint yourself with all the finer workings of the game, just keep at it and you'll get better, i promise. ;) just beat the crap out of novice bots in practice mode and work your way up. :)

oh yeah, make sure that in your preferences (i forget exactly where but i know it's there somewhere) you have use joystick checked off.

20th Jul 2000, 07:17 PM
You've had the game for 2 days??

well of course you're dying every 30 seconds ;)

Practise is all it takes.

Gosh, I remember playing it for the first time. The first map on DM is Oblivion I think. Against...whatsis name? Brad? Brock? Some LUSER of a bot.

He used to kill me. Over and over.

I remember thinking I'd never get past the DM games in the single player because...get this... PEAK was too hard! *L*

Just practise with bots...then crank up their proficiency... don't hop right online into public servers if you've only been playing 2 days, and have never used mouse/keyboard combo. My gosh, you'll get used for target practise...

just warm up with the bots, you'll notice a change real soon :)

20th Jul 2000, 07:27 PM
Just practice, keep at it. Put the bots at what ever skill level is challenging for you. I started at Skilled, and now Im inhuman, other will start at experienced or novice, it doesnt matter.

The trick is to play for fun, after all thats what UT is about. If your having fun, you'll get better, if you just play to win, you wont have fun and you will play badly as a result.

Once you feel comfortable with the basics, ask people online for advice, or watch people play, you will pick up bits and pieces which will help you. I remember when jenny was just an average player, now look at her, she can kick my áss in 1 on 1 DM anyday:( So keep at it, and dont push yourself.

/me wonders why the angel of LoL is wingless still=/

20th Jul 2000, 07:37 PM
I have my wings.....they're in my sig. I haven't had wings
in my PuF nick for ages. Remember? I couldn't get my custom status of Drunken L33t, so someone suggested I take the fancy characters off my name and be plain old Troll|Puf.

Tho now that the new forums have forgotten all our custom statuses...I could probably go back to the old way.

But I'm too lazy. ;)

20th Jul 2000, 09:12 PM
Dude, if you would like some 1on1/team work, contact me... Once you can beat me (it won't be long, trust me) then at least you won't come in last everytime :D:D:D:D I even come in first occasionally (very rare... did against some MsR guys last night though :D)

Anyhow, lemme know man :)

10909600 <--ICQ
alarion@fuclan.com <--email :D

20th Jul 2000, 10:46 PM
lol @ Troll,

I experienced exactly the same thing as you Troll when starting out. I easily beat the novice bots all the way to DM-Peak, and then thought I'd never get any further because they were just too hard/fast etc :)

Now I can absolutely murder those novice bots (ie 0 deaths, and the next one down having only 5 or so kills when I finish). So MaloXX, it is definitely all practise. In time it will come to you :-)

And also, as LK mentioned, do some spectating of good players online, and you will learn better ways of doing everything.

Good Luck

20th Jul 2000, 11:03 PM
A little advice when you do go online, don't get discoraged if you get blown away every 30 seconds or so because these are the people you'll learn from. Don't leave a server just because every body is beating you.
If you're winning and come in first but it's close don't quit, just to make sure nobody on that server beats you next time. That's good competition and intense matches.
The mouse Keyboard combo can be hard to use. I insisted on using the keyboard till half life and then I found I had no choice but to use the mouse since keyboard only put me at a disadvantage.
And practice I'm just decent and usually end up in the middle but it took me a while to get even there, usually it was like last.
Hope this helps:)
Oh yeah if you want to play really cool people hang out at #planetunreal on irc (use your UT chat browser)

20th Jul 2000, 11:45 PM
I started using the mouse/keyboard combo with Duke3D. I tried using a joystick for a while, but once you get use to the movements, and get your controls the way you want them, you'll see a huge improvement. Joysticks aren't any good for FPS games... sorry, but I don't think anyone will dispute me on that. There are some other controllers that people seem to do well with, trackballs, the orb thing... stuff like that.

If you need some practice online, go to #planetunreal. There's always someone there who's willing to play. And if you let them know you are new, and need some pointers, we can give you some tips as we see you make mistakes in the game. But play the bots for a while, if you can compete with them at the skilled setting you will at least be able to stay off the bottom of the leader-board.

Here'a little control tip: Use the mouse for all looking/turning/and firing. If you have a scroll mouse make sure you have it set so you can scroll weapons, that can really come in handy, as long as you don't accidentally skip over the one you want and end up with the enforcer... I hate it when that happens :(

gl, hf, and don't worry when you get the crap beat out of you. There will be some days that you come in dead last, and others when you win a couple in a row. I think the mood you're in actually effects how well you play.

And consider yourself lucky that you have the guidance of the PuFs. I found out some pretty helpfull stuff here myself when I was new to the game, and am still learing.

WOW! when I get on a roll I just can't stop can I? ;)

20th Jul 2000, 11:56 PM
I think starting out, you really, really need to use your mouse/keyboard. I know there are those PantherXL people that love it...but mouse/key really will begin to feel natural.

First. Your keys should be mapped out to:
W - forward
S - backward
A - strafe left
D - strafe right
space - jump

Your mouse should be:
button 1 - primary fire
button 2 - secondary fire

My wheel selects weapons up and down. Pressing the wheel gets my best weapon.

People will argue over what keys should do what...but this is a good basic set-up.

The keys around your movement keys should be for the best weapons. ex:

Q - Flak Cannon
E - Rocket Launcher
Caps - Minigun
Shift - Shock Rifle

If you are going to play team games you should master the translocator. My key to select it is the R key. Use it alot.

The first thing you should do is get comfortable with your setup. Start a practice session with no bots. Get used to moving around quickly. Get used to maneuvering through the levels backward (yes backward). As you run through a hallway, practice doing a 180 degree turn on the run.

Then learn your weapons - primary and secondary fire is a must to know. Read and learn the different ways to use them. Think of your mouse as your gun and your head all in one. practice turning and shooting.

Now Start a Tournament and play the tutorial maps. Beat the game on the easiest setting. Go back and increase the skill level each time until you reach at least Masterful.

By this time you should be ready to play online. I suggest you spectate a game or two (check spectator box in the options). Then hop in! You'll probably get trounced a few times...but you should be able to put up a fight at this point.

Read and learn what you can about the game, it's secrets, tips...anything. A good place to start is at Planet Unreal and look through the different sites. Cleaner runs a nice site with a virtual wealth of knowledge here (http://www.unreality.org/cleaned/).

Have fun!

21st Jul 2000, 07:13 AM
Command, Coret, Lava Giant, and of course Face(Ugh, I hate that last one) Learn where the powerups are, especially the shield belt and damage amplifier. Make sure your getting a decent ping, and little or no packet loss.

Learn the weapons, practice using primary and secondary. Learn to shoot running backwards, without doing a back flip into the lava. :( I hate that. Stay on the move. You sit in one spot too long, and you be dead! :)

Be relentless, If you have somebody on the run, don't let up. Stay after him till he turns into flying body parts. Listen to commands, (On team games). If you hear somebody yelling "Incoming" or "Defend the base" Get your a$$ back to the base in a hurry.

Anticipate the enemy, don't always shoot where he is, but where he will be.

21st Jul 2000, 09:17 AM
2 days? OMG. It takes way longer than that, but it is totally worth it.

Go into practice mode on DM Deck16 with one novice bot.

I actually had to practice for a while with no bots at all to get used to the feel of the mouse/keyboard combo.

BTW, mouse/keyboard is the only way to go.

21st Jul 2000, 09:55 AM
BTW, mouse/keyboard is the only way to go.

..that is, if you are human. If you are immortal, then you get yourself a PantherXL :D

21st Jul 2000, 10:41 AM
Heres a few tips:

-I agree with everyone use the mouse/keyboard combination its the best way to go

-You have UT right then learn to strafe into an area NEVER 90' degree turn trust me it helps!

-Try jumping up and down erractically when in a close shootout it makes you harder to hit and it has a psychological effect on your opponents making them mis-fire

Hell thats gotten me this far I usually end up 2nd or 3rd in all of my online Infiltration games...

21st Jul 2000, 12:01 PM
actually, my friend who never touched the game before tried it on a mouse first when she was visiting. she couldn't even stay looking ahead or move at the same time, it was very awkward for her. then she glanced over at the panther sitting on my pc and wanted to try that. she did a hell of alot better with it, and it took her far less time to get accustomed to it. the mouse just wasn't very 'natural' for her. if you've never touched the game before you have an equal chance of doing well with either method. :o

oh and if you think that joysticks aren't a good alternative.. feel free to play a game with any of the following people:

voyd and overtoad from dd, liquid_sin from our very own forums, sizzlechest and xxss from bmf, even himura kenshin (hk) or myself from nwa.

then come back and tell me you still feel the same way. ;)

don't forget guys, keyboards and mice were NOT originally designed with gaming in mind. only recently have 'gaming' mice begun to pop up (i.e. razer boomslang).. but before that, mouse/keys were only used due to a lack of other feasible alternatives.

anyways to sum it all up: don't rule out using a joystick. if you're new to the game you can easily pick up on using one just as well if not better than mouse/keys.

-jenny steps down off her soapbox

21st Jul 2000, 12:12 PM
I prefer mouse and keys, I dont think either way has any real advantage over the other, you can get just as good with both methods. Just use what ever you feel most comfortable with.

-Khaine doesnt step off his soap box, cos hes tall eneugh to not need one:p

21st Jul 2000, 12:39 PM
stfu i can't help being short :(