View Full Version : Geen stripe skins, help!

16th Dec 1999, 12:03 PM
I made a skinfor UT. It works fine on my computer, but whenever I set it up as a server and play against a friend, it ends up bright green with a white stripe, totally unlike the original. I can't figue it out. Help please.

18th Dec 1999, 04:03 PM
Hey Ohoni, remeber Unreal when you used "Set" Command for a skin? Sometimes it would default to the FireEffect skin. Maybe thats your problem. Something maybe is not working right, and its defaulting to UT's Default or Nearest skin. This might not help but since you have 0 replies, I'll give what I know. I dont have UT at this time so I dont know about it.

18th Dec 1999, 10:16 PM
This is an ongoing problem... can you send me the skin package? If so send it to etherealhc@aol.com (I just love the 16meg attachment limit /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif )