View Full Version : Somebody With Goods skills for a clan?!

19th Jul 2000, 04:18 PM
Well people we are a new clan and we are searching for a few more members from Europe (prefered} we are a very promising clan with a few good youngsters and 2 people that are already tops, ( {S&D}moezz|e and {S&D}Killerworst

So if you want to join our clan and you think you're good enough we'll test you , just send us a message trough killerworst's icq : 62994544
of moezz|e's : 60290717

there are only 2people in our clan with icq sow....
just contact us if you like to join the Search & Destroy clan

We'll test you!



21st Jul 2000, 10:04 AM
Hey There. Shiny Here.. I've sent an email - can't use ICQ -keeps shaggin my machine...UP 4 It!