View Full Version : Run-time error in UnrealED, please help!

19th Jul 2000, 04:26 AM
Hi there,
I was trying to build my level in UnrealED. At the beginning everything seemed to work fine, but when I opened 'classes' in the right-side browser, everything crashes. It shows a 'run-time' error, saying that file msoutl32.ocx is missing or invalid. What is that file and where do I get it? Could it have anything to do with MSOutLook? But then what it had to do with UnrealED?

Please HELP,

Wolf Blackstar
25th Jul 2000, 03:32 PM
Hard to say, m8. UEd crashes plenty on my machine as well. Thing is, is it doing this every time, or did this only happen once. Sometimes a reinstall of UEd fixes this. Just be sure to keep your levels backed up in a seperate directory.