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15th Dec 1999, 10:36 AM
I am throwing together an assault map, If someone can help, their help would be ummm..
Helpful. How do you set the time?I have set all my fortstandards to 6, but it only gives me one minute to attack or defend, and how what do I use for the endcamera path?(its not an interpolation point )and one more, how do i set the objective info, (when you hit f3)
anyone who can answer any or all of these questions I would be real grateful to.

15th Dec 1999, 02:11 PM
Ok,I figured out everything I mentioned above, (objectives, endcamera view, etc.)
All I need is one more element, and I can make an assault map, Does anyone know how to set the time? (time you have to finish assaulting the base) I cannot seem to find how to set it, or with what,it is randomly 1 minute or 6 it seems, hmm. can anyone help?
if so I can crank out some assault maps!

15th Dec 1999, 07:03 PM
You need to insert a FortStandard. It's under the Pawn=>StationaryPawn.

These can either be triggered directly by the player or they can be triggered by a Trigger. Either way works.

Time can be set under the FortStandard=>DefenseTime. It's in minutes.

15th Dec 1999, 07:28 PM
I guess i got all I need than, except maybe to get the attacking bots to shoot at targets, can you help me on that one too?
I got the defenders working right, but the attacking bots dont seem to go after the fortstandards.

17th Dec 1999, 02:54 AM
The forstadard doesnt seem to be the bottom line in the map time, Like i said at the top, I set all the forstandards to 6,but it will still start the game with only 1 minute or so, Also just to find the spectator cam was a chore, it was made wihtout any visible icons, so you cant even see it in the editor, the way I found it was using a big brush and selecting all, I found it in fron of the gun by frigate, wonder if there are other invisible items, and why they would do this to us. how in the ^&%@^%# do you get the bots to attack the forts?

17th Dec 1999, 03:30 AM
Ok, here's some more on this from what I understand. I'm gonna use AS-Rook as an example so if you want, follow along.

First and foremost make sure the entire place is pathnoded. Either manually (my preference) or by typing in paths build in the log command line.

The Bot will go to the FortStandard's in the order that they can get to them. So try to block off the rest so they go to the specified ones first.

Under the FortStandard=>NearestPathNodeTag, this needs to be set to a PathNode that is nearby. So give the nearest PathNode the Tag of anything you want and place the same name in the FortStandard=>NearestPathNodeTag.

The attacking bots will then proceed to the next FortStandard to eliminate that one till they get to the final FortStandard. Which needs the FortStandard=>bFinalFort=True.

Hope this much helps.

As for not seeing certain pawns. Some are just aren't normally allowed to be seen. In these cases you can click on the 3d View=>Actors=>Icon View. This will give pretty much everything an icon to work. This includes all pawns and brushes.

If you're looking for something within a map you didn't build then add one of the objects. Then right click=>Select All [name of the actor]. Then go into the Properties=>Display=>DrawScale. Increase this to 10 so that you can more easily find it in the overhead view.

17th Dec 1999, 03:59 AM
Thx for all your help wanderer, if I get this thing together Ill definitely mention you in the readme if I get this map off the ground, hehe,I havent been this frustrated since I first started mapping, I spent all night once just trying to get a Nali to move to a clay pot hehe,thx again, Ill update my progress.