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17th Dec 1999, 03:39 AM
Type in stat fps. The limit is about 150 polys with 100 being preferable.

Now don't start thinking that Q2 and UT polys are the same cause there not. Q2's poly were referring to the actual triangles. UT is referring to shapes other then triangles. Those shapes are then broken up into polys. If you actually want to know those numbers then type in stat hardware when running in D3d.

17th Dec 1999, 02:32 PM
Is there a console command I can enter to see the value of the polys used?
I in quake and heretic its called "rspeeds" there is a limit that should be used. I tend to keep the brush count to 650 or less and the entity count to under 3000 (but most of the time 400/2k).
Ive noticed when I have created maps beyond the level by a factor of 4 it creates major lag. In some of the levels I see in UT it looks as if the count would be about 3k/6k or more.
Is there such a command that can tell you and is there a maximun amount I could go by???