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18th Jul 2000, 07:41 PM
Does anyone know if there is a way to set more than 8 keyframes for a mover? After looking at the code, it seems like it should be able to handle more than 8, but I just don't see any way to do it.

The Rod

20th Jul 2000, 10:09 AM
Have you played Unreal 1? If yes zhink of the map "NaliBoat"
The boat there moves along pathnodes!

Take a look at the tutorials at http://www.unrealized.com .
There's a tutorial somewhere, that explains how to make it.

20th Jul 2000, 03:01 PM
Thanks for the thought, but there's two major problems (for my purposes anyways) with that method.
1) It's only triggerable once
2) It doesn't loop

Right now, I'm using a modified loop mover (modified in that it makes on complete loop when triggered, rather than requiring that it be continually triggered), but this also has problems. First off, I need/want a lot more than the given eight keyframes, and secondly, and more annoying, is the way it deals with rotation. It rotates fine, until it reaches 360 degrees/65536 units, at which point it spins all the way back around and continues from there.

If somebody out there with more coding experience than myself wants to tackle a rewrite of the ObjectPath code that allows it to loop and be repeatable (the two really go hand-in-hand), then I think more designers than myself would be quite appreciative.

The Rod

20th Jul 2000, 05:25 PM
I want to do a similar thing with a loopmover, however my one wont even move.
I have built a loopmover from the list on the left, done the usual things (make keypoints and a trigger) but it wont move.

also once I get it moving how do I make it continually go round and round in the same loop? or is this done automatically once triggered?


20th Jul 2000, 07:43 PM
VT|CreepingDeath - The loopmover code that comes with UT and Unreal is written such that it only moves for as long as an actor stays within the radius of it's trigger. One possible alternative would be to use a timed trigger that repeats on intervals the same length of time you've set for you mover to move through each keyframe. Hope that made sense. As for why it's not moving, if you have the keyframes set, the trigger event/mover tag matched up, and the mover state set to loopmover, then I don't know what else there would be.

The Rod

21st Jul 2000, 05:40 AM
Oh oh ! I think the Epic Scripter has restricted the movers to 8 keyframes not only in the moverscripts. There must be some lines in other scripts (perhaps in the engine) which restrict the keyframes too.
I tried it by myself and also with the Naliboat-Mover and after changing some lines in the Naliboat-Mover (can't remember the name right now) it realy looped. And the turning (rotating left/right/pitch up/down) was very good because of the direction offset but after a while playing the map my UT crashes. And I wasn't able to fix this.
But I think you should try it with that Mover and not with the normal (or rescripted) Loopedmover.

22nd Jul 2000, 10:25 AM
thx i'll look into it.
btw if u want something to stay triggered just use a normal trigger in a room away from your map, making sure the trigger is near the ground. Next place a bio ammo above it out of range.
When the level starts, the bio ammo will fall onto the trigger and stay there :)

anyway, im new to other types of movers so cant really help anyone sorry

22nd Jul 2000, 02:44 PM
I figured it out, and it wasn't even that difficult, once I realized that I didn't have to rewrite the ObjectPath code to close the loop. The only recoding necessary was to make the ObjectPath object retriggerable. The key is in the placement of the PathPoint objects. Here's what you need: for n pathPoints, points 1 & n-1 must be at the exact same location. Then, points 0, 1 & n-1, and n must be in a straight line with respect to one another, and in that order. If anyone wants my revised code, feel free to e-mail me.
BTW, if anyone is having difficulties getting the original ObjectPath to work in their level, try going into the 'advanced' settings of the ObjectPath, and setting 'bStatic' to false. Don't know why it's on by default, but it won't work that way.

24th Jul 2000, 04:31 PM
If anyone would like to see it demonstrated/test out my level for me, go here -> http://www.kettering.edu/~down6084/downloads.htm and download DMKillerPC_UT (And PLEASE, let me know if there are any problems with it).

The Rod