View Full Version : Editing .u files

16th Dec 1999, 04:47 PM
How can i modify that file? In fact i'd like to change the minigun sound. Maybe it's not in the botpak.u file but i'd really appreciate your help anyway.


16th Dec 1999, 06:30 PM
.u files AFAIK are files that combine various packages.

You can change them by starting up UnrealEd and changing things from there.

17th Dec 1999, 03:32 AM
That's probally the problem right there. There was a certain version of the demo that was to a small extent editable but not where it was worth much. Most people just ended up making mutators instead.

17th Dec 1999, 08:32 AM
Seems to be easy but..i got another prob.
In fact, i wanna extract the minigun sounds from the unreal tournament demo botpack.u and paste them in the ut full version botpack.u .
I try to "load" the unreal tournament demo botpack.u with unrealed but it seems it doesn't work.

Is it just because it's the demo?