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16th Dec 1999, 06:44 PM
Ok- here goes

I want to make unreal single player maps while using brushes and textures and actors from unreal tournament

The only problem is... I made a copy of the textures and every time i load my unrealed in my unreal directory, I can't load any textures, brushes or anything associated with unreal tournament.

Do I need to copy over any Unreal Tournament system files into my Unreal/System directory?

If so, which ones?

Also, it would be much easier if I could make single player maps or multiplayer maps using the editor packaged in UT. Is there any way to shut off bots? Or specify that my map is only single player?

Ive patched unreal, tried about everything but it keeps giving me a critical error or a Your system is too low on virtual memory-please free up space on your primary hard drive

but my primary has 9 gigs free!!!

any help would greatly be appreciated

17th Dec 1999, 03:08 AM
Go into the Classes=>Info=>GameInfo=>UnrealGameInfo and click on SinglePlayer.

Now go into the Level Properties=>LevelInfo and click on DefaultGameType, then click Use.

Now anytime you open the map from the Console it'll be an SP map. It'll have all the Unreal Hud's and stuff and you can still use all the weapons from Unreal and UT (don't mix'em together though, real bad idea).

As for the system resources, check your virtual memory setting. If you've made it static (ie: you've set the max and min to the same) then you'll probally have to increase it.