View Full Version : Pan Speed and Bot Item use

16th Dec 1999, 03:41 AM
Bots will use jumpboots when you setup 2 LiftExit's and a JumpSpot.

The JumpSpot is where they should land.

They all should have the same LiftTag (under either JumpSpot or LiftExit, depending upon the pawn).

Rebuild and Paths Define and give it a shot.

Forgot the Panning speed question. Panning Speed can be determined in a ZoneInfo Properties=>ZoneLight=>TexU(or V)PanSpeed
0.15 is generally a good speed. Not too fast but fast enough to be noticable.

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16th Dec 1999, 11:15 AM
Is it possible to make bots use items like jump boots in DM.
Ok I always forget where to find texture pan speed for surfaces since it is not under surface properties.Can anyone help me out here, thanks.

17th Dec 1999, 12:24 AM
Thanks alot
I'll try it out after my Computer Science exam today cause that editor is just eating up all my time.