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Ash Trey
14th Dec 1999, 01:55 AM
I'm trying to get an elevator in my level (I just started using UnrealEd a few days ago) and also, I want it to stay when it reaches its destination until somebody steps on it (then it goes back down).

14th Dec 1999, 08:18 AM
You have to create the elevator away from your level (you can create a new open box to build it in. Just make it the exact shape/size and textures you want first.

Then Make a cube brush that completely surrounds the elevator on all sides then hit the intersect button. That should make the red brush conform to the shape of your elev.

Then you hit the "add movable brush" button and you will get a pink shape. Put that shape at the starting point for your elevator and right click it. Click the "Mover Key Frame" then "Key 0". That will set the base for the elevator.

Then go in and click the "Key 1" option (do this before you move the elev to its next stop). After you do that move the elev to its next stop (where you want it to stop first) then click "key 0" again. (that will move it back to the begining.

Now when you rebuild your level and play it you will have a lift where the pink shape is in the editor. If you need more that one stop you just repeat the "key 0,1, 2 etc) making each stop along the way.

14th Dec 1999, 08:19 AM
Oh.. I almost forgot... There are also many tutorials at http://unreal.gamedesign.net/
Check them out (before you build much of your leve) for more info.

Ash Trey
15th Dec 1999, 05:33 AM
OK, thanks a lot!!!

15th Dec 1999, 09:49 AM
I read Stryker's post and he left out some very important stuff.

First of all, after creating what the elevator will look like in another "room", outside your level, you have to use a Primitive Cube. You have to click the brush, and then right click on on of it's sides and choose Reset all positioning. That's an important step. Now, the next step is to resize the brush around the entire elevator, if needed. Common mistake that everyone makes is using the stretch button to do this. You have to right click on the primitive cube button and change its size from there. You notice the 3 different values for Height, Width, and Breadth (or whatever it is)? Simply add in different numbers until it is completely surrounding your elevator. *Note: Make sure the cube isn't touching anything.

Next step, after intersecting, right click on a wire frame thing (i don't know the name, the red lines) and go to Copy Polygons to Brush. By doing that, it will save the textures you placed on the elevator to the brush.

Just like Stryker said, move the new brush to its location where it will be in the level. Click the Mover button, 3rd row, 4th or 5th button (one w/ the swirls coming out of it). That will be the elevator.

Follow his post about the keyframes, and you're done.

You can also have the elevator triggered. For instance, if you are somewhere high, and need the elevator to come up to you. Make the elevator, then go into the mover's properties and go into the Events Tab. Change the Event/Tag from Mover to 1. Now, place a trigger (Classes:Triggers:Trigger) in the middle of the elevator, and at the high spot where you will stand for the elevator to come up. Select both triggers and go into their properties. Go to the Events Tab and put 1 in the Events box. Leave the Tag box as Trigger.

Go back to the mover properties and go down to the Object Tab. Change its initialstate TriggerTimedOpen. Go to the Mover Tab and there you can change the speed, number of keys, and more.

I hope that made sense, I'm doing this all from school, so I don't know how well it will work out. I'm fix when I get home.


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