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Wolf Blackstar
14th Dec 1999, 11:54 AM
Thanks to Wanderer for giving me the 411 on voice pack creation. Now, my Duke Nukem voice pack is almost ready for release, but there are a few problems. During gameplay, most of the sounds work just great. But frequently, (this usually happens when several sounds are played at once), one of the Duke voice messages is played at high pitch and speed, and tends to loop repeatedly throughout the game. It won't stop until I start a new map, and the sound also seems to be played at the same time when weapon or environment sounds are to be played. Example: during one match, (against bots, not on net) after a kill, the Duke sound "Hehehe...what a mess!" was played, but it was high-pitched, and then whenever I ran, there was a looping "hhehehehe" at about twice the sound's normal speed, and when I landed from a jump, there was a fragmented "what a mess" also at high speed.

I'm no sound pro. So it is with great frustration I turn to the UT community and ask:

-Could this be a file format problem?
I used CoolEdit 96 to convert the old Duke Nukem 8-bit mono .VOC files. Some had a sampling rate of 8000, most were at 11025. I saved them in ACM waveform .WAV format, as 16-bit stereo files at a sampling rate of
11025. Was this wrong?

-Does anyone know what type of .WAV format UT voice files are, and what their sampling rate is?

-Is their a newer sound utility I can download and use?

The incredibly frustrated Wolf-man

14th Dec 1999, 04:30 PM
You might have sped up the sounds by accident when you converted them from 8000 to 11khz.

As for the sound quality, a lot of the voice sounds seem to be using the following.

8bit quality
mono sound
PCM (no clue but it might help).

If you still think it's a bug then send a message to their help line. I think it's posted up still on the news page here.

Wolf Blackstar
14th Dec 1999, 11:40 PM
Thanks. I think that's it. You're awesome dude.

-The Wolf-Man