View Full Version : what is an ok max size for a level????

14th Dec 1999, 08:08 AM
What would be a good maximum size for a .unr file? I am making a map that will be quite large but I need to know how to judge what an ok size is. I believe I have seen some levels over 2.5MB. Is that ok?

14th Dec 1999, 09:26 AM
i don't think physical file size is problem...its the fact that sometime large file size means lots of detail which can lead to slow downs on some machines.

I don't know what your machine is but for example mine is a p200mmx, v3 2k, 64mb that runs normal ut reasonbly well but take the galleon level, if i fly away from the ship and look at there is a massive slow down as it trys to draw the entire ship.

have a look on the unreal tech site...there is a doc there that talks about detail/speed issues.

14th Dec 1999, 04:11 PM
The only limit is engine limited. You can eventually create such a big map that it will create BSP holes all over the place. You can though create vast deserts and huge forests with no problems and the engine won't shoot you in the foot. As long as you don't get too detailed with everything.

The biggest map for Unreal/UT I've seen was 10megs (Terraniux.unr). Some more practical limits for MP maps.

CTF- 3megs
AS- 3megs
DM- 2megs
DOM- 2megs