View Full Version : Where can i get UnrealED

13th Dec 1999, 07:17 PM
Since i got my copy of unreal with my voodoo3 3000 it didn't come with unrealED, I've alread downloaded unrealed fix 4 from unreal.epic.com, but the only thing that i get there is some skinning utillity named SkinED. Any help is greatly apreciated

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14th Dec 1999, 03:51 AM
Odd. I wonder if someone hacked it changed it? I'm probally looking too far into it.

Here's the link for the UT version.


It's the same thing and it should work. Just remember that before you install it to make a backup copy of your Unreal.ini file first as it will likely overwrite it and will attempt to load files you don't have.

Remember to install VbRun6 first and to add -nodsound to the shortcut command line. If there are any other problems, contact me.