View Full Version : UnrealEdit still not working...

12th Dec 1999, 11:33 PM
Even after I downloaded the UnrealEditfix 4.I launch the editor and get a message saying the "editor.dll" is missing. nothing i do seems to work, including someone elses editor.

13th Dec 1999, 04:03 PM
It seems to be a toss up as to use the 2nd CD's UnrealEd or the one on that's installed with UT. The one on the 2nd CD doesn't seem to cause any problems (atleast in my case). I don't know about the HD one.

All in all though make sure that you are installing it into the UT folder as it defaults to "C:\Unreal"

Ash Trey
14th Dec 1999, 01:50 AM
OK, this is what I did to get the editor working: I installed the UEfix4 into another directory, then uninstalled it and kept the shared files. This way the one in the UT/System folder can use the shared files that the fix installed