View Full Version : Footstep sounds?

Klaus Kinski
13th Dec 1999, 07:22 AM
How can I create textures with different footstep sounds(like in Sin,Kingpin or HL)?
The last time I tried this (simply changing footstep sounds in the texture properties from none to something different) UED deleted the last version of my map and the .utx file with the changed texture.
By the way: What´s the best way to avoid bsp holes?


13th Dec 1999, 04:06 PM
Same way as before. Just remember to save the texture package, sound package, and the map. Otherwise it won't be saved. Not a good thing.

To avoid BSP holes, don't attempt to do anything with lots of detail. Take the time to experiment with what will cause problems and what won't. And always remember to rebuild the map every now and then.