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11th Dec 1999, 03:53 AM
thanks a lot

11th Dec 1999, 07:24 AM
hi everybody i am new to
unreal tourney editing so any answeres must be in basic english.can anybody tell me how to script the save games e.g start a new save tournement with prefered death matches, ctf maps,dom matches and 3rd party maps ect. without playing all the levels, also to be able to add mutators like infriltation, could anyone help on this.

regards dave.1

11th Dec 1999, 02:06 PM
Honestly I'm not sure on how to create you're own tournament. All I can do is send you to the Unreal Tech page ( http://unreal.epicgames.com ) and tell you to check out the 2 documents they have on UnrealScripting.