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11th Jul 2012, 10:45 PM
First post.
Sorry if i,m stepping on any toes.

I,ve been running the game for a few weeks now,and i want to process the files i,ve downloaded.
When i run the utcache mgr it says to go to configuration to choose the directory for custom maps,which is c/docsettings.... unpublished/custom maps.There is nothing in published folder,thats why i chose unpublished.
After doing that and selecting,checking the maps i get the error after attempting to convert.... cant open file cacheconverter.bg file,and no suggestion of what to try.
My ut3 is now over 3gigs in size and growing.You might call it pregnant,and getting pregnanter.
Any ideas how to fix this ?
Thanks for reading.

12th Jul 2012, 03:39 AM
Where did you get it?
I can find that version for 2K4 but not "manager" for UT3 only extractors (same difference)
These tools are usually to take the contents of the cache and put it in your normal UT folders, not to archive elsewhere.

3GB ? is that all. My main UT99 folder is about 9GB, and 2K4 is about 16GB.
I'd say you need to move it to a larger partition or delete other less important stuff.
Basically anything that is not inside the UT folder is not as important.
...except the system folders. You need those to run your UT PC ;)

12th Jul 2012, 10:03 PM
Thanks doctor.
What i really want is to play some of the maps i downloaded offline,but they do not seem to be available.
I was able to run the converter last night,and i think it worked,key word being "think"
Here`s where i got it