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9th Dec 1999, 03:21 AM
I know somebody asked this before and I managed to pass over it and not know. So for the general public who want to know, here's the scrolling scoreboard (as seen in and learned from DM-Morpheus).

First load up the Scripted.utx texture package.

Next apply one of the scoreboard textures somewhere (they're the first 4 textures in the package).

Add a ScrollingMessageTexture (found under Info=>ClientScriptedTexture=>ScrollingMessageTexture).

Now in the ScrollingMessageTexture's Properties=>ClientScriptedTexture=>ScriptedTexture. Choose the same texture as the one you placed on the wall earlier.

Under the ScrollingMessageTexture's Properties=>ScrollingMessageTexture there are a few settings we should go over. Most of these settings are obvious but here are a few that you may not know about.

PixelsPerSecond determines the speed at which it goes by.

ScrollWidth determines how much space horizontally the text takes up.

YPos I'm not sure about. It either determines the vertical position on the scoreboard or the vertical size of the text.

Font, you should probally use the CondemnedFont texture.

The ScrollingMessage I saved for last. Here are the peices to it.

%p - local player name
%h - his/her for local player
%lp - leading player's name
%lf - leading player's frags

Then just insert the message using one of or a combination of those settings.

Ok, that wraps it up. Give it a shot and shoot me down if it doesn't work right /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif