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7th Dec 1999, 09:59 PM
When building maps, I frequently will test the map to make sure everything is going according to plan, of course.
Occasionally, when exiting out of UT and heading back into the editor, my system will freeze entirely. This never happened with Unreal, and it doesn't seem to matter if:
1. UT is launched seperately or from within the editor
2. I quit out via the menu or the EXIT command

Hmm... any ideas on how to prevent a freeze? It seems kinda random, and needless to say, I save a lot more nowadays /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

8th Dec 1999, 03:21 AM
Please list you're entire PC specs so that I can either answer here or send your question to the hands of those who can help.

ie:Celeron 300a=>450
192MB PC100
Abit BH6
Diamond S540, using latest reference drivers.
Vortex1 sound card, latest ref drivers.

8th Dec 1999, 08:44 PM
True, that always helps...

PIII 450, not overclocked
Creative Voodoo2
soundblaster64, latest drivers

I did notice that there are new DX7 voodoo2 drivers out, I have not installed them since
they are beta and I'm happy with the system
and as I said, UT itself runs fine, it's only when running the editor and then UT at the same time to test a level...
the Unreal + editor combo did not have the same problem

It's not that major of a deal, I suppose. I edited for several hours last night and not one freeze... it does seem fairly random.

9th Dec 1999, 03:05 AM
Definitely can't hurt to contact them about bugs. Just remember to be as detailed about the info as possible. It'll be tough for them if all you say is "it crashes when I play through the editor". That's a bit vague and doesn't help them much.

9th Dec 1999, 08:41 AM
Probally what's happening is that when UT and UED run it's choking the system resources. Like Unreal and UED didn't /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

I don't think it's anything to be real worried about really. Mostly I've been testing outside of UED (ie: by closing UED an starting up UT) and playing that way. Just to ensure it's the right game mode.

9th Dec 1999, 12:14 PM
HI there ppl. My first post..regarding system freezing. I too am having this everytime I switch between editor and game(UT).
My system is :
P2 300 96 megs RAM Voodoo2
This freezing used to happen with UR but I put it down to the crappy ATI Rage Pro AGP card I have..but it got fixed by one of the patches along the way..I just d/l the 402 patch for UT and it is still happening. Should I contact Epic or are they aware of this already, do you know?
Many thanx,