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7th Dec 1999, 07:12 AM
1. Is there any other way to hollow out an arch door than just to deintersect?

2. How can one make one of those jump pads that launch you into the air?

7th Dec 1999, 09:00 AM
A.I've done that archway type thing, I'm at school, so I will explain the best I can:

1. Make a brush like a door, archway, whatever you want. Do add special so it's placed in the world. Now, resize the brush and subtract it within the original brush, making an arched effect.

2. Now, I would reset brush properties, go back with the primitive square and resize to fit over the whole archway. Intersect and it "should" intersect the archway, the outline border and inside, not the whole thing.

3. Just copy polys to brush, go and add special and it is an arch! /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

B.Those pads that throw you into the air are jump pads. They are scripts which do exactly what they say. Just download it from somewhere, or get it from another map set, and put it into your Unreal\System directory and you're set to go. If you do all this, to use it, I believe its under, Class, Navigation Point. I'm not sure which one, but its there.


7th Dec 1999, 10:28 AM
You can use a combination of a cube and a cylinder to form an archway. You can then intersect this with your builder brush and re-size it, so it covers as much of the hole as possible.
I think the better way is to learn how to use the 2D editor. You can import the door texture into the editor where you can then design a 2D brush that completely covers the 'hole' area. Once you've built it, you can extrude it into 3D and have a brush that is the exact dimensions necessary to cut a hole in your door. (Wolfs tutorials shows how to do this. I don't have the URL handy, though)