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7th Jan 2011, 01:36 PM
Hi, Im new here. Lol.

Um. How do i start.. I have and ipod 2g. With a 4.1 Jailbreak. It was jailbroken with or by Greenpoison, has anyone done that before? Cuz my ipod is being mean to me and it reboots. Not constantly but everytime i try to enter my passcode it turns off and reboots all the time. and when i leave it on the main screen its fine. I also tried to downgrade it again with the ipsw. but for some reason it had an error or something i tried lookin it up on youtube and it didnt see it. so im like wtf.

I did this before. I downgrade my firmware to 4.0 it worked fine with jailbreakme.com but apparently i had to restore cuz i had too many apps and it was frozen on the apple logo thing with the circle.

Am i not making sense ? lol
Edit: Also i really dont want to restore once again. so Lemme have your guys opionon. Should i just restore the ipod. Or should i just get the iphone 3GS or ipod 4g? Which is better.

7th Jan 2011, 04:03 PM
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