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27th Jun 2000, 10:38 PM
[standing up] Hi, I'm Carl, and I'm a HUD freak.... :)

I'm posting up primarily in hopes of someday having a custom HUD. The means to that end are really quite open; I'm a designer not a programmer, and I could use any ideas and / or suggestions you'd like to share.

In specific, I have spent time coming up with a streamlined HUD layout to get the information quick and simply, right where needed, but I don't have the knowledge to program a COMPLETELY MODIFIED HUD - if it is even possible... I'm not specifically asking for a tutorial on UnrealScript, but perhaps if a programmer is looking for a project or someone just wants to get a nice interface out to the community.

I'm not proud, I just have some ideas and I'd like to see some ideas banter about - and get produced - on the subject of the HUD. No disrespect to Epic's HUD, I just suppose we all want a bit of individuality, myself included. ;)

So by all means, leave some ideas or help if you can. I'll try an post up a sketch when I get a chance... Thanks in advance.

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27th Jun 2000, 10:39 PM
I customized my HUD by turning it off!

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27th Jun 2000, 10:42 PM
hal, are you serious man?

No hud at all? No way to monitor health and weapon status?

I have my weapon hidden to increase framerates, and so I can see more of what is going on. But without the hud I wouldn't even know what gun I was holding.

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