View Full Version : Script writing. UT to Republic Commando.

23rd Oct 2010, 07:50 PM
I believe there is a great difference between the way one scripts Republic Commando (RC) and its equivalent UT (I believe UT2k4??).

I am ashamed to ask for help on a problem I have been having; But it seems there is no way to find a solution using what options RC has given me, so I've come to these forums to ask for help from those with knowledge of UT.

In RC, for one to create a subclass, one has two options:

Using the actor class browser one selects the class of which is to be the parent, right click, "New..."
This, however, creates a sub class without a script.
"Level interactivity tools -> Create base class using selected/New from selected"
Using the actor class browser one selects the class of which is to be the parent, place the actor onto a blank map, right click the instance of the actor that is now on the blank map, choose "Level interactivity tools" from the drop down list, and then "create base class from selected"
This way creates a subclass with script.

To edit a script one simply selects the class in the actor class browser -> right click -> "Edit Script"
However... If the class has no script, you receive an error box "This class has no script to edit" and thus I cannot give this class script.

Combining these limitations of RC's editor, it becomes impossible to create a scriptable subclass of any object that cannot be placed on a map, such as non-actor object subclasses that do not have the Location vector..

So my questions are: How does UT create their subclasses?
I seem to believe you guys [and gals] use 3rd party tools to compile your scripts, and simply declare your subclasses inside the script for your package, without having to use the unreal editor..
Would this work for RC?
and finally..
If non-of the above will solve this problem for me, What other solutions are out there?