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23rd Oct 2010, 01:27 PM
Hello all, I've been gone from INF for quite awhile but I can see people still love this game and haven kept the community alive... well somewhat. I've been busy training to become a SOF operator for the past year and am only a couple weeks away from earning my beret (I'll let you guess what color). I wanted to reinstall INF and try and get some of my team playing with me but I'm having a lot of trouble getting Psytex to work.

Here is basically what I did step by step:

Installed UT GOTY from GOG.com
Installed INF 2.9 CE to C:\UnrealTournament
Downloaded Psytex 1.2
Created C:\UnrealTournament\PsyTex

Copied all .u files from C:\UnrealTournament\Infiltration\System to C:\UnrealTournament\PsyTex\System, then I copied all .u files from C:\UnrealTournament\System to C:\UnrealTournament\PsyTex\System. NOTE: I did not overwrite the two files it asked me about

Copied all .utx files from C:\UnrealTournament\Infiltration\Textures\Camos\ to C:\UnrealTournament\PsyTex\Infiltration\Textures\Camos\

Copied Infiltration.ini and renamed it to Infiltration_psytex.ini
Edited Infiltration_psytex.ini like so:
Found the line:
And replaced it with:
Found the line:
Replaced it with:

Then I extracted all the files in the Psytex Update 1.2 including: CAMOS, FACES, and PSYTEX_PATCH_1 to C:\

Then I created a shortcut for Infiltration.exe with C:\UnrealTournament\System\Infiltration.exe -INI=Infiltration_psytex.ini as the target.

I am running Windows 7 64bit and when I try to run INF from my shortcut it opens fine but the game can't see the original camos or faces (the bots have green alien faces and maps like INF-Shootingrange give me an error: can't find file for package INF_cCamoDesert). I get an INF_Assets mismatch with the Psytex server online.

23rd Oct 2010, 02:18 PM
Since you cant see the "old" stuff I take it its a path error somewhere.

well the only thing I see what differs from my setup is your shortcut.

While I use the powersaving setup:

[9] Power saving workaround (Modern day CPUs)
This is necessary if using a modern processor such as a Pentium 4 6XX, Pentium M, Athlon 64 or newer. UT has issues when the CPU clock frequency changes, so the following should fix it.
- Open up Notepad (or your favorite plain text editor), and type/copy the following into it:powercfg /setactive "Always On"
C:\UnrealTournament\System\Infiltration.exe entry.unr INI=Infiltration_psytex.ini USERINI=InfiltrationUser.ini LOG=Infiltration.log
powercfg /setactive "Home/Office Desk"
Modify this with the correct path to your UT directory, and your preferred power scheme on exit. Save this to .../UnrealTournament/Infiltration/ with a .bat extension (in Notepad be sure to type "infiltration.bat" including the quotes).

Finally create a shortcut to INFplay.exe (found in UnrealTournament/system folder) place it on the desktop and right click and change the "target" to C:\UnrealTournament\Infiltration\infiltration.bat .

So either you could try that or...

Put an extra (space) between "-" & "INI"

C:\UnrealTournament\System\Infiltration.exe -(space)INI=Infiltration_psytex.ini

or remove the "-" and see if that change anything.

23rd Oct 2010, 10:29 PM
You also need to download the Psytex1.0 version, as 1.2 is only an update to some files, plus some new.

I suggest you save yourself the hassle and just overwrite all the original files, since all servers use psytex anyway.

- Download "PsyTex-1.0" and move the files from the folder "System" to the location "C:\UnrealTournament\Infiltration\System". Ignore the other folders.

- Download "PsytexUpdate1.2", open the folder "PSYTEX_PATCH_1" and move the files from the folder "System" to "C:\UnrealTournament\Infiltration\System". Files from the folder "PsyTex/Textures/Camos" go to "C:\UnrealTournament\Infiltration\Textures\Camos".

- Open the folder "FACES" and move the files from the folder "PsyTex/Textures/Camos" to the location "C:\UnrealTournament\Infiltration\Textures\Camos". The .int's from the folder "System" go to "C:\UnrealTournament\System".

- Open the folder "CAMOS" and move the content from the folder "PsyTex/Textures/Camos" to the location "C:\UnrealTournament\Infiltration\Textures\Camos" and the .int from the folder "System" to "C:\UnrealTournament\System".

Sounds complicated, but if you follow it step by step you will be able to play after a minute. You won't need to edit any .ini's and you can launch INF with the original Infiltration.exe launcher. You simply overwrite the original files with the modified ones.
I did it like this to have everything sorted and minimize the size of the UT folder. Also I removed all the .utx and .int files that have to do with the original INF camos and faces, since these aren't needed, nor used on the servers.

Congrats on your SOF career.

24th Oct 2010, 03:19 AM
Ok, it seems to be working better now that I installed the Psytex 1.0 version and reincluded the Paths=../Infiltration/Textures/Camos/*.utx line in the ini. Kudos on your hard work, the new skins look awesome. The M9, M93R, P90, M14, and AKMSU especially benefited, they look worlds better.

However, it is really confusing that 1.2 doesn't include everything. You should have at least one complete file for people to download and install everything they need. It should even have an Infiltration_psytex.ini and a shortcut file for people to use with manual installation.

But now I get an INF_cGear.utx mismatch with the server online. I don't see how this is possible because I am using the most recent version of the file from 1.2 not 1.0. My INF_cGear.utx file was last modified on 7/24/2010, is that the correct file?

I'd really like to get this working before I have to go into the field on Mon to get tear gassed while shooting simunitions.

25th Oct 2010, 01:01 PM
Ok Keihas, do it that way:
Do not copy anything from the UT/INF folders into psytex folders.

- Open the PsyTex-1.0.zip you downloaded and move the folder "PsyTex-1.0" into your UT folder.
- rename the folder "PsyTex-1.0" to "PsyTex"
- Open the PsytexUpdate1.2.zip you downloaded and in each of the three folders inside that .zip (CAMOS/FACES/PSYTEX_PATCH_1) you see a folder called "UnrealTournament", simply move all the three UT folders from the .zip into the location where UT is installed (not into the UT folder itself). Overwrite files if asked.

- copy and paste the "Infiltration.ini"
- rename it to "Infiltration_psytex.ini"
- open the new .ini and add the following lines (do not delete or change any existing lines):
- Find the line called "GameCommandLine=-log" and change the "INI=Infiltration.ini" into "INI=Infiltration_psytex.ini" (so that the launcher uses the right .ini)

- Create the Psytex.exe launcher as described in the thread on the cerberon.net forum and you should be ready to go.

Doing that took me a minute and I can join the XploD servers now. Do not forget to install the "INFMOD WeaponPack 1.6 Update", as it will give you mismatches if not installed.
I agree, that it is better to have only one .zip with all the files. I'll do either that or make an installer to patch the original files. Or both.