View Full Version : Blackberry Map Pack Released

7th Sep 2010, 10:04 PM
Given the recent buzz about UDK making an appearance on the iPhone, one might be tempted to suppose that what we have here is a bit of content for RIM's smart phone... but no! The Blackberry Map Pack is a collection of four distinct deathmatch maps by inferyes (http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?t=193481), one of which has been reworked as a CTF map and another for VCTF - six in all.

Below are a trio of shots, the fourth map requires a video (which can be viewed in the release thread) to "get".

http://www.beyondunreal.com/media/thumbs/ut3_100907_1_200.png (http://www.beyondunreal.com/image_gallery.php?image=ut3_100907_1.png&lock_date=1)http://www.beyondunreal.com/media/thumbs/ut3_100907_2_200.png (http://www.beyondunreal.com/image_gallery.php?image=ut3_100907_2.png&lock_date=1)http://www.beyondunreal.com/media/thumbs/ut3_100907_3_200.png (http://www.beyondunreal.com/image_gallery.php?image=ut3_100907_3.png&lock_date=1)