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Sonica UK
26th Jun 2000, 05:08 PM
I`m pretty new to UT (as my total posts will reflect) - are there any `standard` custom skins to d/l and where can I find them?

I`ve played a few games where peeps have a reflective type skin plus the ever topical all black skin (ideal for Last Man Standing - not) so are these pretty universal d/l? I don`t want to be forever d/l new skins for each game you see.


26th Jun 2000, 05:27 PM
Sonica, just search the forums with the key word "skin" or "skins", and you'll get a ton of hits- read up on old threads and I'm sure you will learn more than you EVER wanted to know about using skins in UT (wow... now I'm starting to sound like Rooster here...).

And... whatever you do for god's sake NEVER ADMIT YOU EVEN TOY WITH THE IDEA OF USING A BLACK SKIN IN HERE!! There are very radical elements in the PuF that feel strongly that this is cheating (I'm not one of them BTW), and will give you 10 kinds of holy hell if you do.

Good luck!

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